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Friday, 31 October 2014

A Sasha Halloween

We don't 'do' Halloween in our family, though 5 years ago I did make some outfits for the Gotz dolls which they wore for an indoor picnic.  Today we've had a busy day away in London seeing the poppies around the Tower of London (breathtaking, especially with glorious blue skies and unseasonal warmth) and this evening my younger girl was tired and a bit sulky that we weren't taking her trick or treating (even though she knows we never do).  So I dug out the outfits and suggested she create a little scene for me to photograph.  It includes some of the items which Anne from Germany sent me last year in the Autumn pinafore swap.

Laura the pumpkin, Nicholas James the wizard,
Florence the witch, Reuben the ghost and baby Mabel as a baby ghost
So to everyone who celebrates Halloween, this is my daughter's greeting to you.


Dee said...

A lovely group for Halloween Dmd. We do give sweets to any children that knock but we do not actively celebrate it, we are more 5th of November. But have long given up setting light to money!!

But to all those who enjoy this night, i wish you a safe trip and a good outfit just like these in the photo so beautifully set by little Miss Dmd ;)

Serenata said...

A good compromise :-) They look like fun costumes.

Kendal said...

Given the choice of seeing the poppies around the Tower of London or going Trick or Treating I know which one I'd prefer every time!
It was great to see your Halloween scene and I'm sure that this more than made up for the lack of going around and knocking on doors in the hope of receiving some sweets.
Your Halloween outfits look fab and I'm sure that your Sasha Dolls enjoyed themselves dressing up and playing with you.