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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Chat 'n Snap 2014 - part 2

For Part 1 of the Chat 'n Snap 2014 see

These are the photos I took of the amazing fairground which Dee and Paul had created for the Chat 'n Snap.
Hattie supervises the babies and clown in the Tea Cup ride
Sian (from Spain) has her hand read by Mystic Meggie
Sian looks a little unsure about having her fortune told
Sian is a lovely repainted and rewigged Kids 'n Cats doll who received her makeover by Sharon in Spain who had travelled to England specially for the CnS. You can read about how Sharon made Sian look so different from the KnC Grace doll she was originally on Sharon's blog at 
Laura comes to meet her friend Hattie in the Tea Cup ride
Hattie tells Laura that it isn't really safe to wear ice skates on a fairground ride!
I think Hattie is quite right!  I wonder if Laura was hoping that there would be an ice rink at the fairground as well.
Paul's amazing carousel for Sasha
with one of Theresa's clowns alongside it
The carousel had some fair organ music playing on a recording (in the background).
Hook the Duck and Coconut Shy
(my photo of the Hoopla stall, using DollMum's quoits, was blurred)
Dee looks at her amazing fairground set for Sasha
as some boys enjoy refreshments
The various stalls are easy to pack away and reuse (just like in a real fairground), I later saw Paul carefully dismantling the Carousel which took more effort.  This reminded me of watching the Gallopers being pulled down at the end of the Great Dorset Steam fair and moved to St Giles Fair in Oxford in the same night: it is hard, heavy work especially if the horses are made of real wood rather than the more modern fibreglass versions.  The horses are usually carried on the shoulders with their heads looking down the person's back as the person holds the front hooves, fortunately Paul didn't have to do that with the Sasha Carousel.


Dee said...

Lovely photo's , Hattie was full of chatter after the day about meeting up with her friend Laura, she was very impressed with how she could balance in her skates. They were really enjoying themselves so much the babies were getting up all sorts of mischief!

yes The carousel's now sitting in piece's until we decide what to do with it and thankfully it was not so heavy that we needed to carry the horses over our backs like the real ones! :)

Serenata said...

Lovely to see 'all the fun of the fair'. Looks like everyone had a good time and there was plenty for all the children to do ;-)

Seeing the carousel reminds me of when Henry, Emily and I got to ride one in Germany a few years back.

Kendal said...

Loved the minature Sasha Fairground. A very clever and thoughtful idea!
Great too that it dismantels and packs flat for storing until the new Sasha studio comes into operation.
Lovely to see Laura and Hattie catching up on all their news....just like we all were!
Roll on October 2015's CnS.

twizel said...

Great Photo's and a wonderful time had by all, Theresa xx