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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Planes and boats for Chat n Snap

I have been very busy with my day job and with a big voluntary project this year, so time for making things has been severely restricted.  However when Dee of Sasha Village sent out invitations for her Chat 'n Snap I booked a sales table.  I like a deadline and this gave me a target date to produce a few toys for Sasha/Gregor.  Dee had put enticing colour wheels of items that others would be selling on the day on her blog this week in the run up to the event and I was finally ready to send her a couple of (poor quality) photos the night before the CnS which she has added to her blog in a post called Planes and Boats.

Miniature sailing boats (photo taken in poor light on an ipad) 
Miniature Spitfire aeroplanes (photo taken in poor light on an ipad)
I have designed and made some miniature toy sailing boats and Spitfire aeroplanes.  I made them from wood offcuts in our workshop, so got to use my favourite machine tool (the pillar drill - for mast holes) again, as well as a razer saw, chisel, rotating sanding machine, table top vibrating jigsaw, sanding block and hammer.  10 boats and 5 planes are the result.

The boats were made first, the planes I only started with a week to go (eek) and were much more fiddly, with more processes than the boats.  They were also more complex to paint and 2 nights before the event my elder daughter, who is very artistic, helpfully painted one of the planes its camouflage colours while I painted the others (she asked to paint one) and did a great job.  The propellers on the planes rotate (carved matchsticks fitted with pins). My husband is an aeroplane enthusiast and he was impressed with the planes, so I am really pleased as his praise for creative work is hard won (his motto is "it's got to be right").

We also made some felt glove puppets for Sasha/Gregor (both daughters helped a bit), however I'll write about them in another post.  I will also take better photos of the planes and boats as these are really grainy.


Ginger said...

Very wonderful! I hope you and your daughter have a great time! I bet the puppets are just great too! Have fun! :) xxx

Serenata said...

They are wonderful, I am sure they will sell like hotcakes, what discerning Gregor or Sasha could pass them up?

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous creations. You are very creative. I hope you and your daughter have any available fabulous time. Keep in touch

Kendal said...

I hadn't seen this post as was travelling down to the south for most of that day so was thrilled when I actually saw them on Doll Mum's stall so naturally bought one of each for my Brood.

They are beautifully made and I was really spoilt for choice but eventually a decision was made and they are now packed in my overnight case awaiting my return home on Monday evening.

Was lovely to see you both again.

DollMum said...

Thank you for your kind comments Kendal - I'm glad you like the boat and plane and hope the brood enjoy them too. It was lovely to see you again too and watch you on your doll photography mission for the day - I'm looking forward to seeing all those photos on your blog in the coming weeks.