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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Jenny and Lexie visit Washington DC

I was extremely fortunate recently to have the opportunity, for work, to attend a conference in Washington DC.  It was my first ever trip to the USA and to say I was excited was to put it mildly!  About 3 weeks before the trip I happened to mention to Lorraine in an email that I was thinking of buying the third 3 Ann's book about Sasha dolls and having it shipped to the hotel for me to collect when I arrived but she made a much better suggestion and put me in touch with her friend Norvell, whom I knew online via the Jenny and Lexie (Heather Maciak) collectors group.  Norvell contacted me to say that she would be in Washington DC at the same time as me and we made arrangements for the Sasha Identification book to be sent to her apartment.  Suddenly I was even more excited about the trip than before, I had known of Norvell for about 4 years and was delighted that we could meet.

Norvell picked me up from the hotel, gave me my beautiful book and took me for a drive around the centre of the city to see some of the main places, such as the Washington monument, the Capital building (dome covered in scaffolding), several of the Smithsonian Museums, the White House (from a distance, you can't get close by car), Washington National Cathedral and the Pentagon.  We found a restaurant on our way to the mall at Tyson's Corner and had lunch.  I had brought my Jenny and Lexie dolls with me, Norvell had one of her Sasha dolls sitting on the back seat and had her Lexie with her which was fortunate as I had brought her some gifts I had made for Jenny and Lexie.  While we had lunch I gave her the gifts (Sasha 1 miniature sailing boat, a miniature beeswax candle from a shop local to me and some local leaflets, some Scottish shortbread biscuits and two miniature hobby horses for Jenny and Lexie).  The hobby horses were scaled down versions of the hobby horses I have made for the Sasha dolls, I started making them as soon as I knew I would meet Norvell.

Norvell's Lexie was pleased to try out her new hobby horse at the restaurant.  We compared the two Lexie dolls - Norvell's Lexie has slightly bolder freckles on her face than mine, apart from that they appeared to be identical.

Norvell drives me over the Potomac river towards
the Washington Monument and Jefferson memorial
View of the Capitol building from Norvell's car
View of the back of the White House from Norvell's car
Norvell helps Lexie ride her new hobby horse
Lexie and her hobby horse
I took the following photos of the two miniature hobby horses I designed and made before we flew to the USA.
The two hobby horses for Norvell's Jenny and Lexie dolls
The other side of the two hobby horses for Norvell
Close up of the two hobby horses for Jenny and Lexie
My Lexie and Jenny try out the hobby horses before we flew to the USA
I think they are hoping I will make them a pair of hobby horses for Christmas
After we had lunch, Norvell and I drove to the mall at Tyson's Corner and went to the American Girl doll shop - however that is for another blog post.


Dee said...

Looks like you had a great time with Norvell in Washington. Lucky you to get to go there for work!
Looking forward to seeing your visit to the
American girl shop.

Kendal said...

Aren't SOME WORK days just fabulous?
Hopefully this one has more than made up for all the other mundane and boring everyday ones?
.....and to include a visit to the All American Girl shop to stock up on some accessories for your Sasha Dolls for Christmas.
Can't wait to see just what you bought!

Rosie said...

Glad you had such a great time.
The mini horses are just so cute. I don't know those little dolls but they are lovely.
I'm looking forward to seeing the AG shop - I'd love to visit one!

SimplySasha said...

What a wonderful trip...and to get paid for it as well!!
Glad you had a good time and arrived home safely.

Sharon said...

SOunds like you had a great time DM, and lovely to meet up with another dolly friend too....and get to see the sights AND visit an AG store! I can hardly wait to see what you bought there!
Love the little hobby horses too, it reminds me of when we made a human child sized one in school! :)
Hugs Sharon x

DollMum said...

I did have to work - the conference was 3 days and I was worn out by the end, however I agree, I was extremely fortunate to go to DC in those circumstances.

Ginger said...

Congratulations on a fantastic trip!!! I think it is so nice that you met with Norvell and got a first class tour plus doll time too! Fantastic! I look forward to your American Girl photos! :) xxx