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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Happy Birthday Peggy Sue

Our Sasha family wanted to join in the birthday party for Peggy Sue, their Schoenhut doll friend who visited for the day during August for some Country girls and Indian fun in the garden.  The weather today was too damp and dull for outdoor party games, so they had party tea and cakes indoors then a game of dominoes.

You can see Peggy Sue's birthday party celebrations at:

Party Preparations

Birthday party time

Opening presents

Baby Leo, Laura, Reuben, Miranda, Nicholas James,
Florence and baby Mabel start their party tea in honour of Peggy Sue
Cheers Peggy Sue - have a lovely birthday
Florence wins the dominoes game


Serenata said...

Lovely post! Peggy Sue is delighted that they could join in :-)

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: happy birthday to peggy. Great collection of dolls. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

Ginger said...

Lovely Peggy Sue tribute Anna! So nice that you are back home and I hope you had a fantastic visit to the USA. :) xxx

CJ said...

This party is totally adorable-love your dolls!

Kendal said...

How lovely that your Sasha Dolls there get to join in with a party to celebrate Lorraine's Peggy-Sue's birthday.
(Wondering if this should be an idea worth me copying with my real life friends.... though perhaps that could become too much of a good thing?)
Super Sasha sized food and accessories shown here!