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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sasha girls in Scotland - part 1

Hello, Laura here.  We've been on holiday in Scotland recently and would like to share some of our adventures with you.

Florence, Clemence bear and I travelled on a VERY rainy day in the car with the big people at the start of May half term.  We weren't impressed with the weather but were very pleased that when we arrived in the Kingdom of Fife, the sun was shining through the clouds.

Florence, Laura and Clemence bear arrive in Scotland
On Sunday morning we went to church with the family.  Florence did some drawing with my girl during the service while Clemence and I watched and we met an old Rocking horse in the vestry after the service.  He very kindly allowed us to ride him.

Drawing during the service
Florence works on her drawing of the Pascal Candle
We ride the handsome old Rocking Horse in the vestry
The Rocking Horse is on a swing stand and was in the Vicarage attic for years.
He thinks he was made nearly 100 years ago.
During the afternoon we visited the Verdant Works Museum in Dundee which explored the history of the Jute industry in the city and how important it was for that part of Scotland.  It was a very interesting place, with lots to explore and find out.  Clemence enjoyed it but became very tired after the first few exhibits, so climbed into my girl’s rucksack for the remainder of the visit and went to sleep.
At lunchtime Clemence flew on the wooden spoon.  We think this tired him a bit.
Clemence and Laura look at the big ledger desks in the Verdant Works office
Laura and Clemence try out the ancient copying machine in the Verdant Works office
Jute was a worldwide trade, it made Dundee very influential.
Laura checked out all the different woven fabrics and fibres in the Verdant Works
Laura was captivated by the amazing weaving loom in the Verdant Works
Laura and Florence sat on a big pile of raw jute in the Verdant Works 
The process of turning the jute into a variety of useful
woven materials was very complicated but fascinating 
We tried out some weaving ourselves
There was a Marvellous Mechanical Mill at the Verdant Works
(which reminded us a bit of the Mouse Mill from Bagpuss)
This lovely Victorian doll was stuck in a glass case in the Verdant Works -
we felt quite sorry for her 
There was a school room in the Verdant Works -
the old fashioned desks were very uncomfortable
It was colder in Scotland than in England but sunnier than back home, where it apparently rained most of the week.  So we were glad we had brought cardigans with us.  Florence was very pleased to be wearing her new dungarees from Vintage Sasha, the first set we've ever managed to get (they sell so fast).

I will continue telling you about our adventures in another post.


Kendal said...

Lovely having you back blogging again and great to see that you all had a wonderful time visiting Scotland at May half term.

I always find that visiting these older factories, especially with some 'hands-on' experiences,so interesting (I used to organise these educational visits for my Primary school pupils whenever possible) as IMO seeing and touching is somehow more believable!

Quite a number of the Churches nowadays take the children into the Vestry, or another room, to socialise and do various activities so that they don't become bored with the long adult services and so not want to go with their parents.

Super rocking horse! How wonderful for the two Sashas and Clemence Bear to have a ride.

Sharon said...

Ooh I nearly missed this as I'm having a problem with blogger, it's not showing me new posts from the people I follow :(
Anyway, now that I have seen it, I'm really glad to have done so, because it was a very interesting post. The Rocking Horse was lovely, my dad had one just like this when he was a small boy! And the factory was very interesting too....but very sad for the poor little doll in the glass case, she must have so envied you girls being free to run about and enjoy yourselves. I look forward to your next installment!
Hugs Sharon in Spain

Dee said...

Lovely post, very interesting and the girls' real and vinyl look to be having a great time and also little Clemence getting in on all the action!

DollMum said...

Kendal, the blog gap was unintentional but completely unavoidable as I've been up to my ears in my new job (at the same employer, but promotion) and leading a major project in my 'spare' time. I'm glad to be blogging again, though it will be patchy, whenever I can fit it in.
Sharon, I may do more on the Rocking horse in another post.
Dee, Clemence tended to stay behind where we were sleeping after this adventure, he is so small and precious we didn't want to loose him on outings.