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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Knitted party dress for Florence

Earlier this year I finally completed the lace edged dress I was knitting in the caravan in May 2013.  I had put the knitting down for at least 6 months and it was only over Christmas time that I picked it up again and finished the dress.  Florence has been wearing it with her party tights and a pair of ice skates (during Dancing on Ice).  She wore it to the tea party to welcome Laura home, however yesterday I decided it was high time I took proper photos of her wearing the dress before she changed into spring time clothes.  The pattern is the lace edged dress by Andrea from The Doll Works.  I have started knitting it again in a different colour, however once again the knitting has been put down because I was sewing the dress for my younger daughter, sewing a few other small items and have the voluntary project (plus full time job, family and garden) to keep me occupied.

Florence in her knitted lace party dress
close up of the back showing the lace knitting and the bow
French plait in her hair (done by my younger daughter)
Today, Easter Day, it has rained since lunchtime and we didn't manage to get the dolls changed in time for an outdoor photo shoot before the rain set in and it was too dull indoors for photography.  So I'm glad I got these photos yesterday when the weather still felt spring like!

Happy Easter everyone.


Ginger said...

Florence is so pretty in this white knitted dress. Her french braiding is outstanding and suits her beautifully. A very pretty girl and I love her outfit :)

Dee said...

Well done on finally getting the dress finished. I do the same thing myself, put something half knitted down and go back months later!.
It looks lovely and the lace detail is so pretty. Goes well with the tights.
Dmd plaited the hair very well.
The weather was awful here too yesterday, Happy Easter
Dee & the Sasha Village clan

Serenata said...

Lovely work, Florence looks very pretty in it and I love the way you did her hair as well.

Yesterday was rather disappointing weather wise, but much brighter again today!

Kendal said...

Such a pretty dress!
I have an identical dress in dark blue, the same the original one, and knitted by Andrea herself.
Later on my friend Kate knitted her dolls one in pale blue and said that it was quite a complicated pattern to follow.... so congratulations on such superb knitting.

So sorry to hear that you had rain yesterday. Apart from a quick 'blink of an eye' shower of very fine rain we here had a lovely sunny day yet again. Still waiting to put my' weed and feed' on the lawns but daren';t risk it at the moment as they are bone dry.

Enjoy the rest of the Easter Bank holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love the french braid, well done DmD :)
And the dress a well! I understand well 'being occupied by too much work'
But you find your minutes for fine knitting. I'm admiring you for being able to follow patterns. Thanks for sharing!

Sharon said...

What a beautifully knitted dress, it really is lovely and the fit looks to be just perfect! I do love to see Sashas in white, it looks great against their tanned 'skin'. Also love her hair, as everyone else has said, your daughter did a super job with that, I wish I could plait hair like that....actually I wish I could knit like that too! Hope you had an enjoyable Easter weekend. It rained here too! Big hugs, Sharon xx

Barbara said...

The dress is lovely. I love the french braid very much. I have always problems with the long hair of the girls. Your daughter has a talent for hairstyling:)

Papillon Bleu said...

"If you want something done, give it to someone busy!"...and you HAVE been busy!!!
The doll's dress is really lovely!

I hope the weather is nicer where you are . Today is super rainy and wet in good old England.

Chris said...

Hi there, what a cute doll. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris