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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Feliz party dress

At the beginning of the year, former Sasha collector Trish posted on Sasha Mart that she had some Mary Engelbreit fabric fat quarters for sale.  I was lucky enough to acquire 4 pieces from her (4 different patterns but thankfully ones which work well together).  At Christmas I was given a book called 'Sewing Clothes Kids Love' by Nancy Langdon and Sabine Pollehn and was keen to sew something from this book for my younger girl before she outgrew the desire to wear quirky styled children's clothes (my elder girl would often say in her early teens that she hated the fashions for teens and wanted to stay in her age 10/11 clothes as they were much more fun and funky).  After studying the patterns and pictures in the book for some time and weighing up the various fabric remnants I had and the fat quarters from Trish, I chose the Feliz party dress on page 123.

It was quite a complex dress to sew, there were various stages which absolutely had to be followed in order otherwise the dress would not have worked, and it took me some time of studying the pattern and instructions before I had worked out what to do.  I had the added complexity of working out which fabric combinations would work together best and how much of each pattern or plain fabric I actually had available.  The dress is 2 layered - it has a full underskirt and an apron/pinafore type skirt (using the same pattern pieces) over the top.  My photos don't show that it has a bow at the back of the bodice.  I made the underskirt all in the same fabric and the overskirt was decorated with three of the Mary Engelbreit fabrics and a decorative ribbon.  The shoulder straps were meant to be cut to shape fabric however I opted to use the same wide golden coloured ribbon I used for the bow.

The bottom of each skirt is decorated with gathered fabric frills one of which I edged using a scallop stitch (I love my new sewing machine, it has so many decorative stitch choices).

The skirt is the kind of cut that floats out when spun around, much to my daughter's delight.

My girl wore the dress to church on Mothering Sunday which is when these photos were taken, however I have been entirely occupied in the evenings with a major voluntary project so have only just had time to edit the photos and write this post 3 weeks later.
Feliz party dress with Mary Engelbreit fabric
close up of the outer skirt (the inner skirt is pale yellow)
Update: Easter Day
Cutting flowers for our Easter Day table arrangement


TheTrueFrancine said...

Lovely dress, lovely girl. :-)

Serenata said...

Wow, that is a pretty cool and funky dress and definitely a lot of work involved in it! The fabrics work well together. How fun you can still sew for your girls. I used to love sewing for my older son, but sadly there does come a time when they no longer want to wear home made clothes.

She looks lovely.

Sharon said...

What a pretty and unusual dress! I like the Spanish connection too...LOL! I think you did a lovely job on it and your daughter is obviously very happy with how it turned out!
Hugs Sharon xx

Dee said...

What a lovely quirky dress, love the fabrics and it looks so nice on.Those were the days when I could make things for all my girls! Now I just get the odd request for a sweater.
I think it's so nice when they can have a OOAK outfit made with love and care by mum.
A new sewing so lots of lovely things will be made when time allows.
Happy Easter

Ginger said...

Anna, your daughter looks lovely in this amazing dress. I love Mary Engelbreit's fabrics and use of color. Her dotted tights and boots are perfect. Thank you for explaining the sewing steps too. Great post! :)

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: your daughter is very pretty in that dress. I like the pattern. Great dress. Lovely daughter. Keep in touch

DollMum said...

She calls it her 'gypsy dress' and has worn it again for Easter Day (see the update photo).

Kendal said...

Who's a VERY clever and talented Mum then?

Definitely an unique and quirky styled dress that looks absolutely stunning on your delightful younger daughter.

Give us a model's twirl then!

I too used to love choosing and cutting fresh flowers from the garden to then arrange in vases and displays for use both in the house and my classroom in the 'olden' days.
Unfortunately my smaller retirement garden no longer has the room for planting flowers that can be cut, just filled with evergreen shrubs now to save work.