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Sunday, 13 April 2014

A small green dragon

My girl was so delighted with Clemence the Bramber bear sent to her by Dee and the Village Clan when Laura returned home that she decided to make them a doll-sized glove puppet.  This was inspired by the large collection of finger puppets (and stage) we have gathered over the years since my elder daughter was small.  I showed her how to design the puppet and how to stitch it, she did all the making herself, with a tiny bit of help from me.
Sewing around the basic shape, Clemence and Laura watch
Most of the finger puppets we have in the collection,
spot the one which inspired the puppet for Dee
Trimming around the edges after sewing
Stitching the eyes 
Laura shows off the glove puppet
You can read what Mossy and Ginny thought in Small, green and bossy - we thought this was hilarious.


Dee said...

I can see that Dmd is going to be very good on the sewing machine, if the perfect little Sasha sized Dragon hand puppet we received is anything to go by.
I have already heard rumbling about whether Dmd will be selling other puppets for Sasha's at the chat n snap in October...Talk of pocket money being saved.... :)
Thank you so much for the lovely gift and we are glad Clemence is settling in at his new home.

Sharon said...

Such concentration on your daughters face, and well done young lady for making the puppet dragon for the girls and boys at the Sasha Village! Your daughter is obviously a chip off they old block, as they say Dollmum, sewing away like that on her sewing machine and doing so very well at it too!
I saw Dee's blog post earlier and I'm sure her kids are going to have a lot of fun with their new 'scary' puppet!
Hugs Sharon xx

Ginger said...

Lovely post showing your daughter's sewing skills. I love her hand puppets and think she is very accomplished :) xxxx

Anonymous said...

The dragon turns out very nice.
Well done, Dmd :)

(But do dragons want to be called nice? I'm not sure anymore.)

Kendal said...

'Who's a very clever girl then?'
Definitely 'following in mother's footsteps' and so, another Sasha seamstress in the making!

The little Dragon finger puppet is very well designed and sewn....such talent and a perfect choice to give to the Sasha Village!
I'm totally envious of the machine sewing skills.

I can see that your Sashas will want for nothing now in the future.