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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sasha girls in Scotland - part 3

Laura and Florence continue talking about our visit to Scotland (see Part 1 and Part 2): On Tuesday of May half term we visited the Scottish Deer Centre in Fife where we didn't just see lots of varieties of deer, but also otters, wildcats, a falconry display, wolves, lynx and ELK which were enormous!
Laura and Florence meet some deer
Reindeer resting - they didn't look ready to pull a sleigh!
A very large Elk - it would take about 10 Sasha's and Gregor's standing on top of each other to get onto his back
Watching the Otters - they were great fun
Two otters
The large tame owl decided to sit on our table in the falconry display
He was very impressive but also quite naughty, he didn't always come back when called
A magnificent falcon
The lovely kestrel
Laura does the tree top walk (above the Elk) - we didn't see any Red Squirrels unfortunately
On Wednesday morning, just before we left the Kingdom of Fife, we met Archbishop Desmond Tutu and a group of African dolls which live at the house where we stayed.
Laura and Florence meet Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Archbishop Tutu as a glove puppet
African dolls on the bedroom mantelpiece
African dolls on the bedroom mantelpiece
On Wednesday morning we travelled to Edinburgh.  That afternoon it rained very hard in the city, so we stayed indoors while the big people went outside and got wet (silly people).
Florence, Clemence and Fuzzy bear, Laura
sit in the bedroom chair at the B&B in Edinburgh
In fact they didn't take us out for the next two days which were not rainy, even when they visited the Museum of Childhood which was filled with lovely dolls and toys (many more than those at Kellie Castle). Apparently they told us there weren't any Sasha dolls in the museum and DollMum says she will blog about this separately as she took lots of photos.  But we are disappointed they didn't take us to visit all those dolly cousins (who were almost all stuck in glass cases).  Don't worry, we did get an outing in Edinburgh and will tell you all about that soon.


Dee said...

Another great place to visit, I think that owl sat on Laura and Florence's table because he wanted to chat about whoo, Laura Owl!

I'm sure they enjoyed some quiet time while the big people went out in the rain in Edinburgh!
Looking forward to their visit to the city later

Kendal said...

I should think that the Reindeer have to rest the 394 days imn readiness for all the hard work that they are expected to do on the night of the 395th.

I can see why the owl landed on that particular table where Florence and Laura were sitting watching the Falcony display and then wouldn't leave when called back. It looked to be by far the most attractive and interesting table and a good opportunity for him to catch up with any news of their owl.

I can see the reason of them not being taken out and about in the Edinburgh rain as, although I noticed that a change of clothing had been taken, I'm sure that they hadn't thought to take any rainproof wear being the middle of May and it wouldn't have been very interesting for the two to be carted around all bundled up in a protective plastic carrier bag. Far better to stay in the dry and get some rest in before the next big outing in the big city.

Ginger said...

I love this post and especially the owl and tge falcon. Just wonderful to see them up close. Sorry for your rain but the girls look very patient and sweet. :) xx

Kiki's Korner said...

That must have been fascinating. I was worried when I saw the owl, thinking he might carry on of the girls away!