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Monday, 23 June 2014

Sasha girls in Scotland - part 2

Laura continues the story of our half term holiday in Scotland:
On the Monday of half term we visited Kellie Castle in Fife.  It was a fascinating place, though unfortunately photos were not allowed in the Castle (which was really a very grand country house with turrets).  In the top of the house is a nursery and in the two turrets we met some lovely antique toys and dolls, though none like us Sasha girls.  We were allowed to explore the gardens of Kellie Castle which were beautiful (and photos were allowed).
Florence and Laura enjoyed the Kellie Castle gardens
There was a pirate for a scarecrow in the garden
The piratical scarecrow
We found a nice bench in Kellie Castle garden
We had a good conversation on the bench
We could see Kellie Castle in the distance through the garden
Such a beautiful view under the arch
Kellie Castle from the garden
We found an old millstone in front of Kellie Castle 
Laura and Florence on the old millstone at Kellie Castle
We could see the turreted nursery at Kellie Castle,
where we had met some lovely toys and dolls
We turned around to admire the view from Kellie Castle
Laura and Florence on the millstone at Kellie Castle
We really enjoyed our visit to Kellie Castle in the sunshine.


Kendal said...

I just love seeing and visiting castles and fortified Manor houses and Kellie Castle here was no exception.

A pity though that you weren't allowed to take any photos indoors as it would have been great to see Florence and Laura playing in the nursery and meeting all the toys and dolls displayed in the two turrets.

It looks to have been a perfect day to explore these beautifully laid out gardens. (Looking back through the arches to the views beyond is reminding me of Denise and Paul's gardens that we are enjoying seeing at the moment.)

Thanks for super these photos and so pleased that you are all were having such a good time.

Sharon said...

Another lovely trip out in Scotland! It does look incredibly green and fresh there...shame they don't allow photos to be taken inside as I'd have liked to have seen the dolls in the nursery. I wonder why so many places don't allow photos inside nowadays? I suppose they hope the visitors will buy their photos instead. At least we saw some lovely photos in the garden though. The girls look like they enjoyed themselves!
Hugs Sharon xx

Dee said...

Kellie castle in Fife looks a great place to visit and Florence and Laura , had a great time exploring.
Looks like you had good weather too!

DollMum said...

I suspect they didn't want photos indoors for security reasons (people photographing stuff with a view to planning theft later). It was definitely well worth visiting, we spent several hours there. The weather that day was glorious, we had afternoon tea in their garden and the waiter said it was the best weather they'd had so far this spring.

Ginger said...

What a beautiful place to visit. I love seeing the castle and the grounds. What a lovely day with the Sashas! xx