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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Millie BHS outfits for child and doll

On a rare Sunday afternoon shopping trip we popped into BHS to look at clothes and spotted the Millie range of clothes for little girls with matching outfits for their Milly or Molly or Mandy cloth dolls.  The moment I clapped eyes on the outfits I knew these would fit a Sasha doll - the proportions seemed right and having spent the previous day at the Chat n Snap I was pretty familiar with Sasha doll sizing!

The child outfits are sized from age 2 to age 8.  My girl is small for her age (nearly 10) and could just about get away with wearing the age 8, but it was annoying that the size range stopped at age 8, as I would have preferred to have bought her the age 9 or 10 size if it existed.  Why does society expect that children should stop playing with dolls or not be seen in public with their doll companions at such a young age?  Why do we expect children to 'outgrow' such 'childish' playthings and graduate to mobile phone games, lipstick and sophisticated clothes so early?  Often in recent years when clothes shopping with my girls, my elder daughter has looked askance at some of the pre teen and early teen fashions and exclaimed that she wished she could still wear the funky, amazing designs created for children under the age of 9 rather than the often skimpy or cheap looking clothes created for children her age (clothes designer attempts at allowing teens to feel they are rebelling against parents or against being children any more).  Of course, plenty of teens like such styles, but the lack of well designed choice always annoyed my elder girl, who has evolved her own individual style (which is not 'childish') almost in rebellion against the expectation of what society thinks a girl her age would wear.

We decided to buy the leggings and tunic set with matching outfit for the doll.  As soon as we got home, my younger girl tried it on and although the leggings are fractionally short (which can be hidden in boots), the outfit will do for this winter.  And the doll clothes fitted Laura perfectly, just as I knew they would (velcro fastening unfortunately).  Considering the price of children's clothes (and the price Sasha doll collectors often pay for doll clothes), £22 was a very good deal for matching child and doll outfits.

My girl and Laura wearing their matching tunics and leggings
Laura in her tunic and leggings, with the JJ shoes
close up of the tunic, the embroidered writing says 'you are my best friends'
the doll tunic and leggings


Julie said...

I had the same problems buying clothes for my daughter, and at13 we are still struggling. She mostly ops for athletic type clothing. This works, but isn't as "fun" as what was available when she was younger. On the other hand, the matching outfits BHS is carrying are so cute, I would have been too tempted to overspend. The skirt and striped top set is really cute.

Sharon said...

Your daughter looks great in her new outfit Dollmum, as does her Sasha. I know exactly what you mean about clothing, having looked at things in the UK shops as gifts to bring back here a few years back for my friends grandaughter. It was all soooo mature and skimpy, and I just knew that her mum would never let her wear such a thing. I think it's sad that some mums want their daughters to grow up so quickly...I guess it's also peer pressure.
When my son was small, the problem I had with boys clothes was they all seemed so dark, and I love bright colours (you've probably noticed by what I make for my dolls!!!!). But it was a real challenge to dress him in something that was suitable for a boy child, rather than dress him like a little old man cut down!
But I think you (and BHS) have hit the spot with these, but yes, they should go a little higher in age...not everyone stops playing with their dolls at a young age...or so I hear!! ;)

SimplySasha said...

Well, it has got to be said both your girls look lovely in their new outfits!
I imagine Sasha collectors will be popping in to their local BHS to see what doll clothes are on offer...well done you for getting there first!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter and Sasha look great in their matching outfits. Lovely to see all your photos of th Chat and Snap. Gill

Ginger said...

Wonderful photos of your daughter and her redhead Sasha with matching outfits!!! Really very special :)