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Monday, 28 October 2013

Chat n Snap 2

Well what did we buy at the Chat n Snap apart from baby Leo and his clothes?

Most of our purchases
2 of Hatties hats, 1 Passion for Sasha hat, 1 Chris Meatyard felted hat.
The pyjamas were given to my girl at the end of the day (unknown maker) by Sarah W
Sashapotomus long sleeved tshirt, Homebase reindeer outfit,
3 pairs of Gill's socks, 2 pairs of baby tights by Michelle
Dollydoodles beanie hat, Dollydoodles Christmas sweatshirt,
some toys purchased, swapped and given
Laura using my tripod with her camera (part of the Back to School swap),
wearing her new Gill N hat and Passion for Sasha dress
Laura in the Passion for Sasha dress and Gill's hat.
She is also wearing the JJ shoes I bought at last year's festival.
I would have loved to have bought plenty more and was sorry to miss Sarah W's dungarees (no sooner than it was set up her table was clear of clothes again - they go so fast).  One day I'll get them!  She very generously gave my girl the pyjamas which had come on a doll she bought - she had brought them to sell but they didn't go.  Michelle gave my daughter the Frisbee.  My girls tested it out in the dining room - it flies well but I worried about things getting knocked off the dresser!


SimplySasha said...

Your Sasha family have been well and truly spoilt by the looks of things :)

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: big purchases. Nice clothes. Keep in touch

Dee said...

Looks like you had time to make a purchase or two!

Your Sasha's will be very happy trying things on over the next few weeks.