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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Autumn Pinafore swap choice

Anne and I were paired for the Autumn Pinafore swap organised by Lorraine.  We have been corresponding via email about what we are doing and yesterday Anne posted photos on her blog for me to choose between the two versions she had sewn - see  Aren't they lovely.  My girls and I have decided which pinafore we would like.

Below are the photos of the two versions I have sewn for Anne to choose which one she would like for her Sasha family, modelled here by Florence and Miranda.  It was a bit difficult getting the colours right in these photos, as I was taking the photos in artificial light in the early morning without flash (it is getting so dark in the mornings and evenings now, the night is extending as autumn progresses towards winter).  The star patterned fabric of the pinafore which Florence wears is a soft beige/purple colour, called 'heather'.  The fabric colour combination of the version which Miranda is wearing reminds me more of Christmas than Autumn.
Florence and Miranda model the completed pinafore sets
close up of the tops of the pinafores, with flower buttons
close up of the bottom of the pinafores, with autumn leaf pockets
back view of the pinafores
simple skirts and blouses under the pinafores
Florence and Miranda wear the skirts and blouses,
with matching pinafores down in front of them
Anne will get a pinafore, skirt, blouse (sewn from a pattern in the 3 Ann's book) and a hair ribbon.  The skirt pattern I drew to match the pinafore.  Both pinafores are lined - I sewed them inside out then turned them right way out (it was an easy way of neatening the curved edges).  The pockets are lined too.  Ted Menton's pinafore pattern is so versatile and fun to sew, so thank you Ted for letting us use your pattern for this swap and thank you Lorraine for organising it.


Anonymous said...

Anna, these are soo nice!

Have to think about -or perhaps ask my daughters ?-
it's very hard to choose :)

Dee said...

What a great idea to make to and let the other person decide and then you also get to keep one.
Lovely outfits both, I have seen Anne's on her blog and can only say which ever you both chose will be perfect but so hard!!

Sharon said...

Very pretty Anna, your swap partner must have been delighted to see them but very difficult to choose one as both are lovely!

Russ said...

How lovely to have a choice - I would have found it very difficult to pick one, they are both very pretty!