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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sasha schoolroom

My girl created a 'school room' for the Sasha family under her high bed.  It started with Betty's lovely swap gifts - my girl made a pencil pot for the pencil crayons and a working drawer for some of the stationery out of lego.  Then we made a chair for teacher out of lolly sticks (she did a lot of the sticking, I helped her work out how to construct the chair).  Yesterday she spent the afternoon working with her knotting book and some rope, and created a high swing strung between her bookcase and bed.  Today she created the story:

It was 'wet break' so the children had their break time indoors.
Florence, Laura and Miranda were relaxing and chatting.
Reuben was playing with the toy dogs in the hammock
Nicholas James was sorting the pencils in the pencil pot
(turning them all the same way up),
with the stationery drawer beside him
The stationery drawer open
Anna the teacher was relaxing with a cup of tea in her office
Miranda asked the teacher for the weekend book
Anna gave Miranda the weekend book
Miranda gave the weekend book to Florence
who read out loud what she had recorded in the book over the weekend
Miranda went to the swing hoist rope and untied it
She stood in the hoist loop and gripped
the rope tightly to pull herself up to the swing
She pulled herself up to the swing
She strapped herself into the swing with the hoist rope
and swung gently forward and back
Reuben was very surprised to see that Miranda
had climbed up to the swing without any help
The others came to see Miranda having a break time swing
Anna came to call the children back to class
Leaving her new chair
The children gathered to hear the lesson
Anna talked all about making the swing and
promised that the children would learn how to tie knots
(it didn't rain today, gloriously sunny, 'wet break' was my girl's way of explaining an 'indoor break time')

(Nicholas James is wearing a Dollydoodles hoodie I bought at Dawn's house in June.  This summer has been too warm for him to wear it, however now that autumn has arrived, he was pleased to change his clothes to jeans and hoodie.)


Serenata said...

What a wonderful story your daughter wrote and a lot of effort into preparing all the wonderful props. Looks like the kids have a lot of fun in her schoolroom. It reminds me so much of what my boys school classes were like when they were young. The chair is excellent and fits the teacher perfectly. Fabulous post!

World Costume Dolls said...

Delightful! I see an up and coming miniaturist here. Roll on her dioramas!

Barbara said...

The post is great! Thank you very much that I can participate. The Girl has made things with her hands so terrifically! I anderstand the history without translater:-))

Sharon said...

Well done to your little girl for yet another great story with excellent dolls and props! She really is very imaginative and it's lovely that she's happy to share with us all, so that we can enjoy her play too!

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I love Florence, Laura and Miranda and the outfits that they wear. They look like real children. I like the pictures in which they play. Great job. Keep in touch

Dee said...

A lovely story and love the lollystick teachers chair, looks very good and the swing was very clever.
All the Sasha's and gregor's looked very nice in their warmer clothes.

DollMum said...

Her school reminds me a bit of Montesorri schools - discovery by play. My girl didn't make the children learn maths and grammar or practice their handwriting, instead they learn about tying knots (very practical). Mind you, she could have gone on longer so we might have got the formal learning in due course. Maybe the lack of formal stuff was because they didn't have chairs and desks.

Joan Kniffen said...

What a wonderful story, and quite a learning experience.

Thank you for sharing.

Janet said...

The day spent at school was very interesting to read about. I enjoyed the story and the pictures followed the storyline very well.

Your daughter has imagination and skill - building the stationary storage was very clever. I loved the rope swing - I wish I had one!