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Monday, 16 September 2013

Back to school

To complete the Back to School Swap I knitted some socks to go with the cricket outfit and sent them to Betty, she was very pleased and said that her Prince and her Caleb are sharing the Pinehurst School uniform and cricket set.
Nicholas James models the cricket socks
close up of the cricket socks, as per the Pinehurst pattern
While making the outfit for her Caleb, I made 2 sets of the school shirt and grey shorts, and three blazers.  I bought some green gingham and designed a pattern for the school dress I used to wear, to match what is shown on the Pinehurst Primary School website.  None of my existing patterns included a dress of this style, so I used other pattern pieces as a guide and drew out what was needed.
Miranda and Reuben in their Pinehurst uniforms
Miranda and Reuben in their Pinehurst uniforms
without blazers (good for a hot day)
back view of Miranda's Pinehurst Primary school dress
Miranda was very pleased to model the new school outfit and Reuben was also pleased to be given a copy of the outfit I sent to Betty.  I haven't repeated the cricket outfit yet, as I have other sewing and woodwork to do first.

Laura proudly put her new school dress back on again (she had been wearing the apron sundress from Betty) to pose for back to school photos with Miranda and Reuben before they return to the serious business of lessons in their class in my daughter's bedroom.  My girl has made a desk drawer and pencil pot out of lego and together we have made a chair for teacher out of lolly sticks.  Teacher is my blond Gotz 19.5 inch Anna.  No photos of the classroom yet, maybe in a future post.
Laura, Miranda and Reuben all ready for school


Serenata said...

Fabulous post, just love the uniforms especially the gingham dress. Your uniforms were so much nicer than ours which were just a sack!

Will look forward to seeing the classroom

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: beautiful outfits for back to school. Very cute. Great job. Keep in touch

Barbara said...

I like this post very much. I would like to see the classroom and the pencil pot out of lego, please:-)

Sharon said...

You have been busy! Love the uniforms, they look great! I would like my kids to have school uniforms but am being lazy and saying that they go to the local school which actually doesn't wear a uniform!!

Theodora said...

Great post and really great school uniforms!!! I love the green checked uniform dress. Just like my granddaughters! Do you make them to order, by any chance??? Love the post! Love Karin

DollMum said...

I haven't made anything to order yet, just done swaps. I could make one, get in touch with me via my email dollmum @