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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Chat n Snap 3

I realised that I didn't take a photo of baby Mabel in her new onesie at the the CnS last weekend, so this evening took some quick photos.

Baby Mabel is sharing her carry cot with baby Leo.  I don't think this carry cot is a Sasha baby cot though it is similar, it is a little bigger and came with a soft doll in it from a church fete some years ago. Baby Leo is holding his teddy which Chris M gave him as part of the swap for the chair my girl made.
Babies Mabel and Leo share Mabel's carry cot and babble about their teddies
Baby Mabel proudly wears her  Sashapotomus onesie
Close up showing Mabel's eyes 
Close up showing Leo's eyes
These photos aren't great (artificial light) and I need to use the tripod and daylight to get their eyes completely in focus for a better comparison.  Mabel is a sexed waif and Leo is a sexed early boy with gorgeous eyes (possibly painted by Sara Doggart).  Mabel's eyes are lovely, they are hand painted.

I've now created a page about the toys and games I've made so far for Sasha/Gregor dolls.


Dee said...

The babies look great in their new outfits and very cosy in the moses basket with their teddies.

It is hard to get good close up's without a lot of time and effort! Look forward to seeing their eye close up's although I did see Baby Leo's eyes on the day and they are beautiful

Sharon said...

The babies look lovely in their new all in ones, they are very cute little babies!

Serenata said...

Oh they look so sweet in their little outfits and holding their teddies.