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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Knut the polar bear

In the pinafore swap Anne in Germany sent us lots of additional Autumnal/Halloween goodies with the lovely pinafore she made.  So I decided to give the Sasha Commoneo Crew a bear to say thank you for all the lovely things they sent.  They have all been wishing for bears and the elder Sasha and Gregor children have sent the younger ones on a bear hunt in their garden (there are several posts, so look for the others on her blog).

I found a free pattern for a miniature bear on-line (designed by Lesley Shepherd) and resized it slightly to suit.  I made the miniature bear out of white felt which is easy and quick to hand sew, turned the pieces the right way out (this was the fiddly bit) and carefully stuffed the pieces and sewed them up.  I used small white buttons on the outside of the arms and legs as an anchor for the threads stitched through the body to make the limbs pose-able, then stitched the nose and eyes with black embroidery thread and stitched on the little ears.  For Knut I made a scarf out the multicoloured 4 ply wool I had used to make Susie's cardigan (blues and greens/yellows), for the similar polar bear I made for Dee as a thank you for the Chat n Snap I knitted a scarf from the wool I used to make Florence's cardigan.  I also made the bear in a light tan coloured felt, with a big red ribbon bow.  I did take this bear to the CnS but didn't put him out on the table to sell, I just wasn't sure how to price him (he is a bit fatter than the polar bears, he ate more honey than they did!).

This is a photo of the 3 bears just before I went to the CnS.
Dee's bear, the tan coloured bear and Knut
Each little bear is small, when standing up it is only 8 cm (just over 3 inches) tall.  In Anne's parcel I put one of my little skipping ropes (in a presentation bag) and Knut the polar bear.  It looks like Knutie has been made welcome by the Sasha Commoneo Crew who have also tried out the skipping rope.


Serenata said...

How wonderful, your talents never cease to amaze me. What sweet little bears indeed.

Sharon said...

These are very handsome bears! You would never know that they are actually 21st century bears as they look vintage! I love them!! I can imagine how happy their new owners must be to welcome them home!

AuntLou said...

Adding my admiration :)

SimplySasha said...

They are just the thing for Sasha! I do hope you will be making some to sell for Christmas...just think of all those Sashas and Gregors you will disappoint on Christmas
Day if you don't :)

Dee said...

Charlie Rose is happily settling into the Village and being spoilt!
Thank you so much for sending him to live with us.:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for sending cutie Knutie to germany.
Be sure, he'd be loved :)

(I wonder how you spell Knutie...)

Theodora said...

Oh, these are just too sweet for words! I didn't realize you make these! You are some clever lady!!! You do make some amazing Sasha sized items! I love the croquet set! Love Karin

DollMum said...

Oh good, I'm glad you like your croquet set Karin. I'm brainstorming more items to suit Sasha & Gregor. The third little bear is sitting with me at my computer, I think he wants to stay here. I may make some more, but have some other sewing to do first (Lorraine's Christmas swap, plus baby Drake will hopefully be visiting soon).