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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Travelling baby Drake visits us

Earlier this year Ronny wanted to help the homeless and decided to set a baby Gregor, called Drake, on a journey to several temporary homes on his quest to find a forever home.  The idea was for each of the host families to give him a good time and give him a gift, then send him to the next person.  So the baby who started out with nothing would have several things to take with him to his permanent home when he is auctioned.

Baby Drake arrived from Dee of Sasha Village a couple of weeks ago.

I made him a romper with matching sun hat in the South African shweshwe fabric, a felt ball and 5 felt blocks with his name spelled on them.

Drake's felt name blocks
Drake wearing the summer outfit I made and his new toys
 Drakes last day with us (with thanks to my younger daughter who helped with this story):
Drake has been playing with his friends baby Mabel and baby Leo
They were having fun sharing toys
Leo and his rattle
Drake plays with his felt blocks and ball
Laura comes to tell the babies it is time to put the toys away as it is bed time
Laura puts the toy owl on the chest of drawers
Baby Drake collects all his blocks...
...while baby Leo and baby Mabel put toys in the cart
Baby Drake puts his blocks into his hat
Baby Leo likes the pig glove puppet
They all snuggle down to listen to Florence read about the Christmas donkey
The story is all about a little donkey who carries Mary to Bethlehem
Baby Drake likes the story
and wonders when he will be going on a journey to his new home
baby Mabel cries and baby Leo gets upset too as they don't want their friend to leave
So they all snuggle into the cot together for one last sleep before Drake's journey
We have enjoyed hosting baby Drake and hope that he finds his forever home soon.


SimplySasha said...

Thank you SO much for having Drake to stay and for being such a good foster home! Love to your daughter and to Laura and the babies for making his stay such fun!

DollMum said...

It was a pleasure hosting him.

Anonymous said...

This is so nice -
Drake and your kids having fun
and so does you and your daughter.
And me -watching :)

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: you new baby is very cute. I really like your scenes. They look like real children. Nice games. I like it when the kids go to sleep .. Keep in touch

Sharon said...

Looks like little Drake had a great time with you and the other babies, Anna! I like his little outfit and sun hat, he's going to make some new Sasha mum very happy when he goes to his forever home!

Dee said...

Looks like he's had a lovely time with Leo , Mabel and the others.
And a lovely new summer outfit and a set of soft bricks with his name on, he is a very lucky little boy

Janet said...

The pictures of Florence reading to the others are just so ptecious.
I rememberhow good it felt to have a baby snuggled up for a story. You got it perfect!

DollMum said...

it looks like Baby Drake has found his forever home - he and all his belongings have just sold on ebay for £163.