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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sasha Festival raffle stay at home

Back in the summer I entered my name in one of the 'stay at home' raffle draws for the 2013 Sasha Doll Festival which were posted on the Sasha Mart and was lucky enough to win one.  It was a lovely knitted sweater made by Tricia from a pattern by Erica Mcleod and made in wool which Erica had sent to her friend in England.  Tricia asked for a donation to a children's charity, so I sent a donation to Save the Children and I also sent Tricia a dress I made - one of the two Union Jack dresses I made as copies of the one I made for Erica for the 2012 Christmas swap.

Tricia was very pleased with the dress (she doesn't sew) and a few weeks later I received an unexpected packet in the post, containing a fat quarter of some very pretty Mabel Lucie Attwell fabric from Tricia, for me to make a dress for baby Mabel.  I was delighted because at the time Mabel didn't have a dress and what better than a fabric named for her!

I completed the dress in time for the Chat n Snap in October and baby Mabel wore it to that event.  But it is only now that I've finally got down to writing about it properly.  The dress has matching underwear and today I have made a bonnet to complete the outfit.

The sweater is a lovely soft pink and I think it goes well over the pinafore I made for Florence.  Yesterday I made her a pair of tights out of some patterned socks.  So for the colder weather Florence has tights and long sleeves to go with her autumn pinafore.

Thank you Tricia for the lovely sweater and fabric, as you can see from the photos baby Mabel and Florence are very pleased with their new clothes.

Florence and baby Mabel in their new clothes 
Baby Mabel in her Mabel Lucie Attwell outfit
Florence wearing the Erica sweater knitted by Tricia in wool from New Zealand 
Florence's patterned tights
side view showing baby Mabel's bonnet 
close up of the smocking and baby Mabel's eyes


Serenata said...

That lilac 'Erica' sweater is just delightful and goes with the pinafore dress so beautifully. Love her tights as well. The beautiful dress on baby Mabel is perfect and I love the smocking. They both look so lovely.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: they are very pretty. Very cute. Great outfits. Keep in touch

Dee said...

Lovely dress set for Mabel and nice fabric you received.

The Erica sweater goes well with your pinafore dress set and what a pair of snazzy tights!

Sharon said...

They both look really lovely Anna, the colour of the sweater looks perfect with the pinafore and I love her striped socks! Baby Mabel's dress, hat and bonnet are great, the fabric is perfect for her!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Anna!

Janet said...

The layers of lilac and pink are so pretty, and practical, for Florence.
I really want to study closely the Mabel fabric - I never knew there was such a print! How perfect for your baby,Mabel.

Papillon Bleu said...

What a lovely thing to send! And the result is brilliant! I wish I could sew.

I wish you and your wonderful dolls a Merry Christmas!