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Monday, 8 July 2013

Simple Summer swap and celebration

My lovely Simple Summer swap gifts from Lorraine arrived earlier this week.  I shall blog about what I sent her in another post, however now that summer has finally arrived, my younger girl was determined to make the most of the good weather with another doll play session in the garden.

From Lorraine (and Henry) my Gregor boy Nicholas James was lucky enough to receive some swimming trunks in New Zealand fabric 'Koru', along with a swim bag with a yellow VW Combi on it, a swimming towel with a lighthouse and yacht on it, and a matching shirt and shorts set in New Zealand 'Ponga Koru' fabric.  I was delighted by the Combi motif, as I grew up with a turquoise VW Combi and went on many camping trips around Southern Africa in it.  Everything Lorraine sent is brilliant and beautifully sewn.

The following pictures feature the swimming trunks, towel and swim bag:
Simple summer fun
Nicholas James, Belle and baby Mabel try the water
Baby Mabel is very interested in the cold wet stuff
NJ loves his blue trunks, but isn't so sure about the colour of the pool and  ring
Anna sunbathes on NJ's towel with her hat to protect her face from the sun
Mabel continues to play with the water
She stirs it up and the ring floats to her
NJ gets bold and tries the lilo
Harriet comes to see NJ and the lilo
NJ fell into the water making a big splash, so sits back on the grass
Baby Mabel shows off her headband (made by my girl from fluffly pipecleaners)
Harriet, NJ, Belle and Mabel decide paddling their hands in the water is fun
Anna wants to know why she got splashed
She sits up to watch the others
Matilda, Peter and Laura relax in the deckchairs
Meanwhile to celebrate the glorious Wimbledon achievement of Andy Murray,
Miranda and Florence try their hand at tennis
Florence with the Gotz racquet and ball
Miranda holds a pipe cleaner racquet I made at top speed for this occasion
Baby Mabel gives Anna a kiss
Anna cradles baby Mabel
My girl enjoying Simple Summer doll playtime in the garden
Laura felt cold (can't think why), so NJ, Miranda and Florence came to give her a hug
Sasha hug 
Later, NJ changed out of his damp swimming trunks into his new NZ summer clothes and admired the Olympic Flame rosebud just bursting into bloom - perhaps in celebration of the fact that the 2012 Olympic Tennis Male Champion has become the first British Male Winner at Wimbledon since 1936 - well done Andy Murray.
NJ in his swap outfit


Kendal said...

What a truly perfect scene for both the weather AND a tribute to this HISTORIC for Britain day at Wimbledon. Well done to your youngest daughter!
Love the swimming pool, lilo, swim ring and water wings/pillow? complete with some refreshing cold water, so appropriate for this scorching hot weather that this weekend finally brought us.

Her superb tribute to Britain's men's single final's win by Andy Murray will be something that we won't be forgetting for a long time. I feel somewhat guilty at not setting up a little scene here but was just too tired and hot by then.....mind you that would be nothing compared to how those two men would be feeling after their afternoon's play.

Many thanks again for this lovely and memorable post.

Serenata said...

Fantastic blog post, just love everything about it, from the way they are all having fun right down to the wonderful props and storyline.

Glad you enjoyed the swap :-)

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures, all of them, but...I liked best the one with the real, live little girl in them. What a darling picture! Not posed, just simple play. The whole blog post is charming - I'm so glad I got to see it.

Unknown said...

Favourite photo; Baby Mabel kissing Anna. The photos are beautiful, in part owing to your lushious lawn! Ours is London clay, all cracked and dried out in the heat- it looks like we've had an earthquake!

Sharon said...

Oh how lovely they all look! It is so nice to see them enjoying the sunshine and playing in the garden like they are! Your daughter has posed them all beautifully. You have some great props there too.
I just mananged to find a paddling pool and accessories for my dolls, so I really need to get it all set up for them, before they overheat in our 40c + temps that we are having.
Hugs Sharon in Spain x