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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Emily to the rescue

The cloth pony my younger daughter made last year (with my help) is called Emily.  For a while my girl has been talking about giving Emily a horse birthday party, and today she finally managed to organise it.  She had decorated for a party under her bed with paper chains about 3 months ago, but decided she wanted the party outdoors, well the great British weather didn't make that possible until recently and even today we had light showers, bright sunshine and strong gust of wind.

In preparation the doll family got changed, not into party outfits but into good sensible clothes for outdoors and mucking out the stables.  Three of them changed into riding clothes, the others don't have them.  The following picture story was my daughter's plan for the party, I just took the photos and enjoyed her fun.
Harriet has the first ride on Molly the Battat horse
Samantha, Jakob, Peter and Matroshka watch at the stables
Harriet dismounts like a pro
Harriet dismounts Molly
Anna, Belle and Matilda at the stables
Jayne is so nervous about riding a horse she mounts back to front
Jayne finally manages to face the right way
but she is very scared and clings tightly to Molly
Molly goes up the ramp and Jayne starts to enjoy the ride
Jayne gets bolder and drops the reins
"Look no hands" cries Jayne
Molly decides to rear on her hind legs and Jayne clings on tightly again
Jayne is quite relieved to dismount, while Laura looks on
Emily the pony finally gets a birthday ride in the sleigh (well it works on grass),
wearing her red cape and holding the riding crop
Harriet rides Molly and tows Emily
Emily uses the riding crop to make Molly go faster
Molly comes to a sudden stop and the sleigh crashes into  her legs
Harriet loses her grip and tumbles from Molly's back
Poor Harriet crashes to the ground
"Ouch my arm hurts" cries Harriet
Emily put Harriet's arm in a sling ...
then mounts Molly while Harriet sits in the sleigh
Emily the pony wears the riding hat to ride Molly
So Emily rescues Harriet and tows her back to the house 


Dee said...

Fabulous story and photo's! Very exciting and your girl's look so nice in their riding gear and love the horse! Cannot show the Village crew or they will be wanting one!!

Loved seeing Milly the pony riding in the sleigh, she looked very grand.

DollMum said...

The story line was all her idea. You met the horse at the Sasha festival last year (Ride a Cock Horse). It doesn't get out of its stable much, it is a large toy for a small bedroom, so it was great to see her having so much fun with the horse in the garden. The sleigh was a lucky find in our local antique shop, I couldn't quite believe my luck, especially as it was just before the Christmas when she got the horse and stable.

Sharon said...

Awww what a lovely story, your daughter has a great imagination! I really liked the bit where Jayne gets on the horse back to front in her nervousness!
I look forward to more of your daughters stories in the future!
Hugs Sharon xx