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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Summer evening in the garden

Laura, Miranda, Florence and Nicholas James decided to spend the evening in the garden.  It has been very hot all day, too hot for them to go out into the sunshine, so when the evening came they were delighted to grab the blocks and go outside to play in the warm evening light.  They were determined that all their friends and cousins enjoying the Sasha Festival in the USA wouldn't be the only ones having lots of fun.
The blocks all stacked and ready
NJ starts the game, he takes a block from below and places it on top
Miranda's turn next
Laura carefully slides a block out, she doesn't want to upset the pile
Florence has a go next
NJ takes a turn again
Miranda pushes one out the middle
Laura's turn (with a bit of help from my girl)
Laura places the block on top
Florence lies down to get the low block out
NJ takes a side block out and places it on top
Miranda takes a risk and removes the other side block, making the tower unstable
And it falls down, which makes Miranda sit down in surprise
Laura is very disappointed as she wanted another turn
Florence starts to pick the blocks up
They all help to put the blocks back in the box
NJ slides the box down the blocks
Florence, Laura, Nicholas James and Miranda with the game back in its box
They all wish their friends in the USA lots of fun at the festival and would like to point out this summer is suddenly much better than the dull, cool weather at last year's festival in England (glorious hot and warm weather for two weeks and more promised - wow!).


Anonymous said...

Great idea for a photo shoot. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

What a delightful story! Great photography, too. Miss Gladys

Kendal said...

Looks like they are having great fun out in the garden and how sensible not go to go out in the daytime's scorching heat but leave it, like I am doing, until the cooler pleasanter evening's weather.

Super post with this lovely theme of 'Summer fun and games!'

Blocks are a perfect size for the Sashas!
Can I ask where you bought them from?

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I really like these scenes of girls playing in the garden. They are all very cute. I like their outfits .. Great job. Keep in touch

Sharon said...

What a lovely game they're all having, it's so nice to sit and play outside when the hot afternoon sun has cooled, isn't it! I was wracking my brain to think of the name of this game and then saw the box! I used to play it with my son when he was little, we had a lot of fun too!

DollMum said...

the blocks are fun aren't, such a simple idea but a good game to develop skills for being careful. Kendal, my girl was given this game for her birthday by her Godmother, I am not sure where she bought from but I am guessing you could easily get table top jenga from amazon and from any good toy store. The great thing is, it can be played inside or outside on dry days, and there are full size versions for playing in the garden.

Sharon said...

I think you can probably get them at Toys'R'Us Kendal....I'm sure that is where we got ours from.
Hugs Sharon xx

Cestina said...

Oh what a lovely series of pictures. We have never let our Sashas out to play - we need to change that!