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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Welcome Reuben

No, my Reuben is not the new bear who lives in Dee's Sasha Village.

Nicholas James stood on Mum's open Sasha book and
asked why the girls were all trying to hold baby Mabel at once
The girls put Mabel down.
Laura stepped on the book and told NJ to get off the book!
Baby Mabel was interested in the book
Laura and NJ continued to argue
Laura made NJ step off the book (and stepped off herself) but no one was watching baby Mabel...
... who had crawled beyond the book and was climbing off the chair!
Laura suddenly spotted what Mabel was doing
when Reuben arrived to rescue Mabel who was in danger of falling
Reuben grabbed baby Mabel
and gave baby Mabel a cuddle to reassure her that she was safe
the others were all curious about the new boy who had arrived just in time for baby Mabel
and, argument forgotten, climbed down from the chair to meet him
Baby Mabel saw Florence and put up her arms
"Hello, what is your name?" asked NJ
Baby Mabel jumped up and down with Florence
while Reuben shyly introduced himself
"I'm Reuben and I've come to live here"
"I'm Nicholas James, and these are my sisters Miranda, Laura, Florence and baby Mabel."  
NJ, Miranda, Reuben, Laura, Florence and baby Mabel with the Sasha books now carefully closed
This story line was made up by both my girls.

Reuben, a later Caleb, arrived a couple of months ago and went with us to Dawn's Sasha day in June.  But for various reasons I haven't had a chance to take photos of him until now and kept him under wraps.  For the past week he has been patiently standing on my sewing table waiting for me to reveal him officially.

I saw him on Shelly's site some months ago and bought him on layaway (officially I had no doll cash handy especially as we were completely redecorating two rooms which was horribly expensive even when doing most of the work ourselves).  As soon as I saw him he reminded me of a boy I once knew (more about that in another post) which is why he is named for my long lost friend from early childhood.  He came in his original clothes (plus a couple of additional clothing items) and I have made him a shirt from shweshwe at the same time as I made the elephant shirt for NJ.

The two union flag dresses are a repeat of the dress I made for Erica Mcleod.  Florence is wearing a Dollydoodles outfit I bought at Dawn's Sasha day, baby Mabel is wearing the knitted swim suit my girl insisted we bought at the same time.

I was very lucky to receive the first of the three Anne's Sasha book for my birthday (Sasha Dolls: The History by Anne Votaw, with Ann Chandler and Susanna Lewis), I had received the second book for Christmas (I wanted the pattern book first).  Both books are great, so full of interesting details.


Serenata said...

A wonderful story indeed that your girls wrote, very well set up and enjoyable and gorgeous poses. Seems that Reuben came to the rescue just in time.

I love all their outfits they looks superb in them.

Dee said...

Nice to see Reuben out of the cupboard, I don't think any one would have mistaken him for Reuben the bear as you put welcome Reuben! I don't believe anyone would welcome the other Reuben quite yet!!!

Lovely story that your girls thought up,especially like Reuben,s heroic arrival,! Saving Mabel from a nasty fall

I'm sure Reuben will be a great addition to the family

Julie said...

I really enjoyed this post. Fabulous story, and it is always a treat to see what others have been sewing/creating and purchasing.

SimplySasha said...

A really lovely post! Nice to see Reuben settled in to your super Sasha family (who all look extremely smart!)

Sharon said...

What a lovely photostory your daughters put together, and how fortunate that Reuben came along just when he did, so saving the poor little baby from what could have been a nasty fall from the chair!
I really do like the look of Reuben, he's a very handsome fellow and all your Sasha family are so nicely dressed!