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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Welcome Laura

The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed in my previous post that there was some red hair and blue velvet in the right of the photo of all the Sasha family and their Secret Santa gifts.

Ever since attending the Sasha Doll Festival in June 2012, my younger daughter has longed for a red-headed Sasha girl.  However finding one is hard because not so many of these lovely girls were made compared to the blond and brunette girls.  I watched some come and go on ebay for more than I could afford, looked longingly at several on Shelly's site which were also well out of my price range (aren't those early no philtrum red head girls absolutely stunning) and saw a couple I would have liked go very quickly from Shelly's site as they were snapped up by other lucky people.  However one girl stayed there for a while and her problem was probably the reason why.  I showed her photo to my younger daughter and explained the problem, but despite this my little girl was keen on her and kept asking to be shown her picture on Shelly's site.  Eventually I contacted Shelly and asked more about the problem (she sent me a photo) and how to hopefully cure it, made an offer which was accepted and the beautiful 80s red head with glossy hair arrived a day after being shipped.
Shelly's photo of the 80s red head girl, redressed

Her problem?  She had been redressed in a beautiful Russian coat, hat and boot outfit made from fluffy fur fabric, the seams of which had unfortunately stained her legs, tops of her arms and a little of her torso with almost black marks.  Baby wipes had not removed the stains which had soaked into the vinyl however Shelly was certain that daily doses of Oxy10 and patience would remove the stains eventually.  The active ingredient in Oxy10 spot treatment is Benzoyl Peroxide, however as I discovered, this product is no longer for sale over the counter in any UK pharmacy (unless you have a prescription).  Other spot treatments for skin problems do not contain this all important ingredient, so although I tried Clearasil for several days, it didn't appear to make much difference.  I found a UK-based seller on eBay who sent me a small tube of Oxy10 and I started twice daily treatment as it was only a few days before Christmas by this time.  After a couple of days I compared the photo Shelly had sent me with progress and could just start to see a small fading of the intensity of the stains and no damage to the vinyl which was very encouraging, so the treatment continued.
Shelly's photo of the stains

I washed the Russian outfit carefully and lots of dye came out in the water, eventually after several rinses the water ran clear, so hopefully all the potential to stain again has been removed.  The red head was originally an 80s white dress girl, but none of her original outfit had come with her.  I wanted to make a new dress for her, and will make a white dress of her own in due course, however I had long planned a blue velvet and satin dress for my younger daughter for Christmas and thought a matching outfit for the Sasha doll would be a good gift. 

Only a few days before Christmas I cut out the fabric for the child sized dress (I was sewing other gifts before this), followed by adapting a pattern and cutting out fabric for the doll dress.  Why do I always seem to do 11th hour sewing for Christmas gifts?!!  The child dress was complete 2 days before Christmas, and the Sasha doll dress completed at 2:45 am on Christmas morning (Santa arrived as I sewed on press studs!)

On Christmas morning I gave my daughter the dress to wear to church and she was thrilled with it.  The sleeveless bodice is blue satin (lined with the same fabric) with a long skirt of blue velvet, the outfit is completed with a long sleeved bolero of blue velvet, tied at the front.  My sewing machine hated the blue velvet but my daughter loves it.  During the afternoon, after she had opened several other presents (we spread gift opening through the day rather than doing it all in a rush at once), I gave her the exciting box to open and her reaction was perfect - she immediately hugged her new doll and wouldn't put her down.  I showed her the work in progress on stain removal and explained that brushing her hair must be done gently and only occasionally (she wants to keep it glossy and soft). 

After reading through the 'baby names book', she decided that 'Laura' will be the name of her new Sasha doll.
Opening the box

Oh wow! Look her outfit matches mine.

My little girl with her Sasha 'Laura' on Christmas day


Serenata said...

How absolutely wonderful they look together with their stunning blue velvet dresses and what an EXCELLENT mummy you are to be finishing up on Christmas morning.

DollMum said...

More like an insane mummy to only end up with 4 hours sleep that morning, however we did have a very good Christmas day despite my tiredness. I mustn't leave the sewing / knitting gifts until last minute next time (last year it was Ron's sweater).

DollMum said...

Dee tried to post the following comment:

Congratulations on the arrival of your first Red Sasha Laura, who looks beautiful in her blue velvet dress
as does her new mum.
Dollmum you are very brave sewing with velvet, I have been informed that it likes to move about when you are trying to sew it so a very well done for making not one but Two velvet dresses!
wishing you all a Great New Year
Dee, Hattie and the Village Clan

Julie said...

What a special Christmas you created for your daughter. You were mot alone in last minute creating. Wish I could say it woun't happen next year, but undoubtedly it will. If only my "great" ideas would come to me in July or even September instead of December :)

Sharon said...

Awww that's beautiful! I admire you for getting all that done just, you must have been shattered! But the end result was lovely, beautiful girls, both of them!
Santa brought me a redhead too...well I bought her myself actually, but I'm giving the Jolly Old chap the credit!!
Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

Tanja - SugarCharmShop said...

I've just discovered your blog.
Beautiful doll! The russian outfit is really pretty but I love the blue dress and they look great together :)

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I see the joy of your daughter to receive her new doll. I really like your daughter and her doll are wearing the same dress. It's a nice idea. Happy Year! We keep in touch in 2013.

smpg298 said...

May the coming year bring more happiness to you than last year. May you have an amazing year. Happy New Year.

Maxine said...

A treasured gift stored up with treasured memories for you both.

Kendal said...

You sound rather like me with a mad panic race against time at Christmas. I do start quite early with the present buying but then seem to get lulled into a false sense of security nearer the time... so must ease off the pace a little when I obviously shouldn't.
Congratulations on finishing both very luxurious dresses in the nick of time. I can see just how thrilled your youngest daughter was with Santa's matching gifts. I too know from experience that velvet is as hard to sew as silk is. So well done you.
Wishing them both much fun and many hours of happiness together.
I'm sure that with time and dedication the marks on the doll's vinyl will all come off.
Sasha love from Kendal.