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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Dress for Hattie

This is another 'catch up' post - recent months have been unbelievably busy, so I've had little time for photo editing and my blog.

In August I made a dress for Dee's Hattie Bonham Carter to thank her for the two hats we received during and after the Sasha Festival.  I wanted to make a dress which captured some of the spirit of Helena Bonham Carter's dress sense/style so had some fun looking for pictures of her and rooting through my fabric selection.  I settled for black velvet, shimmery blue green and black lace!

Florence modelled the dress for a photo on the note which my crew wrote for Hattie:

Dear Hattie and Dee,
Thank you for the lovely hats, we really like them.  We thought you might like an outfit inspired by Helena Bonham-Carter made by our mum.  Florence is modelling it in the photos and insisted on wearing the Olympic shoes, because Helena often wears unusual shoes with her clothes.  But we think you’ll wear the outfit with more attitude than Florence, who looks a bit serious (she was trying her best to keep still so the pictures wouldn’t blur!)
We don’t think mum got the gathers right on the skirt, the fabric was a bit tricky to work with, and the gloves were a challenge, but we hope you like your Hattie Bonham Carter outfit all the same.
Hope to meet up with you soon.
Florence and Miranda

I'm pleased that Hattie was happy with her new dress and matching hairband.

Florence models the dress
(alongside our Olympic Flame rose)
close up of a glove and the lace on the skirt

hair band, and lace on velvet bodice
back view

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Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: the dress is amazing. Hattie is very pretty. Keep in touch