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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Belated paralympic report

In August and September we were very lucky to spend 3 wonderful days at the London 2012 paralympic games.  On the third day when we visited the main athletics stadium for the second time, we took Nicholas James and Florence in their Sasha Festival outfits.  We had an amazing morning, and were lucky enough to watch Richard Whitehead win his 200m race - the start was just below us - and we watched him receive his Gold medal which was the icing on the cake (the stadium was packed and everyone was on their feet waving flags and singing the national anthem).
putting on NJ's shoes
Florence and Nicholas James wait for the games to begin
waving the flag for our athletes
Florence and Nicholas James wave the flag for Richard Whitehead
Richard Whitehead starts the 200m
Richard Whitehead receives his Gold medal, what a moment
Florence and Nicholas James cheer and sing with the crowd for Richard


Theodora said...

Florence and Nicholas James seem to be enjoying themselves and really seem to have the olympic spirit! They do look the part. Very nice! xxx Karin

Sharon said...

What a wonderful experience for you all, something to remember for a long time!
Hugs Sharon in Spain x

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I envy. I see in the pictures that you were all happy in the Olympics ... We keep in touch.
Merry Christmas