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Friday, 28 December 2012

Secret Santa Swap gifts

I participated in Lorraine's Secret Santa Swap again this year and was sent the following message at the beginning of November:

Dear Secret Santa,
Christmas again - isn't it fun?!
 May I wish for three of the following gifts, please...
1.  Olympic 2012 souvenirs for Sasha or Gregor.
2.  Nightwear in lightweight Christmas fabric (for summer wear!) for Sasha, Gregor, toddler or baby.
3.  Any sewn clothes (I don't like to sew!) for any of the family...
4.  Surprises!  (I love lollies!)
5.  Toys for Sasha baby...
Thank you for reading this, Santa!

I already had some lightweight Christmas fabric, so did a repeat of the A-line dress nightdress I had made for the Sasha Festival Children's Fund Auction, and I made some matching knickers. I also made a Christmas stocking from this fabric and put in a candy cane and chocolate lolly.
Secret Santa gift 2012 - for Erica

During August I had made some union flag table napkins as a gift, and had some fabric leftover, enough to make a dress, matching knickers and headband.  I chose to make the pleated skirt version of the dress I had sewn earlier in the year for Florence, and with the sailor collar.  My children immediately demanded that I make the exact dress again in that fabric as they loved it so much, I think I might have enough fabric to do this. 
Front view of the dresses for Erica
Back view of the dresses for Erica

Showing the matching knickers

I searched eBay for some doll sized Olympic souvenirs - a miniature metal badge and some postage stamps (I believe Erica collects stamps).

Olympic souvenirs

Florence and Miranda were happy to model the outfits for my photos, then I stitched the outfits to card mounts for posting to New Zealand.
Christmas nightdress and knickers
British Olympic inspired dress, knickers and headband
Secret Santa gift 2012 - for Erica

About a week or so after posting the package, Lorraine forwarded the following message to me:

To my Secret Santa and family -
I wish that you had been here to see the excitement when your parcel arrived!  You could not know that I had Jacqui, a waif waiting for a wig and new outfit... and there were *two* stunning outfits, *and* the lovely pin and stamps as well as the Christmas goodies!  Your sewing is exquisite, and I love the fabric and trim - so appropriate!  Even more so, as we (almost locally) have a paralympic gold medallist!!  Wonderful surprises from our Secret Santa - thank you so very much!  You couldn't have pleased us more! (especially Jacqui!!, who is now posing prettily in her lovely Union Jack outfit, and pretending that she knew about it all along!!).
Our best wishes for your own Christmas - I hope that it will be as happy as you have made ours!
Erica and the Sashas

Next, I will blog about the wonderful gifts I received.


Serenata said...

Fabulous gifts you sent Erica, and I know she would be thrilled with them as her letter said. I have linked to this blogpost from mine.

Sharon said...

What a lovely gift for Erica in NZ, she must have been thrilled. I love the union flag fabric, it's just perfect for that outfit.
Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: all gifts are fabulous. I love the dress Olympic ... Keep in touch