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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Welcome and Thank you

I think it is high time I welcome and thank everyone who has found my blog so far, taken the trouble to comment and / or follow the blog using Google Friend connect.

The first people to find it are very far away from me in Australia:

Ann at who does wonderful knitting for play dolls - see also her photos on Flickr for more examples of her knitting for Australian Girl Dolls

and Rebecca at who collects vintage miniatures and is very knowledgeable about them

Sarah Price has a wonderful blog about her miniature church and its growing family of parishioners She doesn't have many followers yet though, so please pay her blog a visit.

Susan is new to miniatures and blogging but has already got 88 followers and collects vintage houses including some amazing finds from thrift shops

Sylvia has been building a lovely miniature candystore

Papillon Bleu does wonderful tea parties for her handmade dolls - she is brave enough to endure variable, grey English weather though she comes from France has created an incredible character filled doll called Kendo (see

Kathi is building a mini beach house and is new to miniatures

Katie creates amazing miniature punchneedle rugs

Sinem is Turkish and unfortunately I cannot read her blog which does not appear to be miniatures or doll related

Debbie at creates unique character dolls made with wooden clothes pins

Sonia is Spanish and writes her blog about her miniature creations in English and Spanish

Lori builds the most amazingly elegant Greenleaf kit houses into something special, I wish I had the space for several lovely houses too!

Marlene is working on an 1820s town house but is in the middle of moving house herself!

Julie creates yummy miniature food and also sews and carves

Victoria is tackling miniature wood turning to great effect as she is building a Russian village house

Jackie makes handmade cloth dolls with painted faces

Maite is Spanish and has an enormous dollshouse which looks like apartments

Minna is in Finland and has several houses, including vintage and one she and her husband built recently

Mercedes at is in New Zealand and has just had an article about her detailed miniature house and garden published in a Spanish Miniature magazine

Please visit these blogs if you haven't already - they are full of interesting surprises.


Rebecca said...

Thank you, DollMum - and thank you for giving the details on all your follower's blogs! Now I will check some out in case I've overlooked them. What a wonderful big blog network - would be fascinating to see it diagrammed!

Sarah said...

DollMum - I am the author of St.Hilary's Miniature Church! That is my blog! And to say thanks for following it too - I love to have your comments!
do visit mine soon - am just about to update it - Gracie is standing up with her tambourine........

DollMum said...

Hi Sarah,
In the Google Friend Connect you haven't put a link to your St Hilary's blog and you haven't got a picture which is why I didn't make the connection. I'll amend my welcome to include you properly ;-)
Must go and see Gracie with her new instrument.

DollMum said...

Hi Sarah,
It is very weird - on the display of my friends it doesn't show a photo for your or a link to your blog, but in your comments to this message when I click on your name link it does (the wonders of Blogger and Google!)

Sarah said...

Thanks for that - yes isn't it strange that the connection didn't show up - I am new to blogger though so there may be something I need to do here...........will check it out.........

Papillon Bleu said...

Oh! it is such a nice thing to do!
Thank you so much!
But you know, it is not so grey where I am.It is even rather green!

I have popped in to invite you and your dolls ( and whoever is young at heart) to our welcome party!!!!weehee!!!

DollMum said...

Thanks for the invite Papillon Bleu - a welcome for your new little Prince - he is very handsome.

I'm glad it is still green where you are, it is here too really with lots of autumn colours, the last couple of days have been such miserable weather though after a beautiful September.

Ann said...

Hello DollMum,
Thank you.
You have a very interesting blog, full of information and great links (you are very clever!).

Victoria said...

Hi there, DollMum!:)
I have an award for you in my blog!:)