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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Gotz doll halloween

I've spent the past three evenings working against the clock to provide some Halloween costumes for the Gotz dolls.  Too much midnight oil but my girls seem pleased with the results.  Today I hadn't quite finished and we had a family day trip to London (Science Museum), so on the train my elder daughter and I did all the hand finishing work required, including sewing on press-studs.  I was really proud of her for being keen to do it (she isn't always into sewing) and for sewing dolls clothes on a moving train without dropping any press studs!  She had been experimenting with felt sewing this week, and made two items before today.  When we got home this evening I ironed all the outfits and we dressed the dolls for their Halloween photo shoot and tea party (in the tent my girls set up in one of their bedrooms for half term!)

The pumpkin face being hand stitched onto the costume 3days ago 

Samantha, Harriet and Jayne all dressed up for Halloween

Samantha in her witchy dress, hat and cape, Jayne in a cape
(with the green outfit made previously underneath)

Harriet in her Pumpkin outfit, with the felt trick or treat bag my elder daughter stitched,
and the choc pumpkins we picked up at the station on the way home

Peter in his ghost outfit hurriedly constructed
by my elder daughter when we got home

The whole scary lineup!

Halloween tea in the dome tent,
with Arctic Hare (bought today by elder daughter)
and his felt carrot she made 2 days ago

Samantha and Harriet - notice the scary touch to the tea pot! 
that gruesome finger came with the pumpkins

Arctic Hare, Jayne and Samantha

Younger daughter tucking into the chocolate pumpkins!


Pubdoll said...

I don't know if your girls will like to hear this, but they're the cutest Halloween dressed up I have seen :-)
Nice work!

DollMum said...

thank you - it was fun making the costumes.

Papillon Bleu said...

Ha!ha!ha!your dolls are so cute!
You are wonderful at sewing!My little ghost wasn't as lucky as your dolls!
How long did it take to make all these?I am very impressed.
Hope you are fine.

Papillon Bleu said...

PS:do they stilll have the Wallace and Gromit exhibition at the museum?

DollMum said...

Today (1st Nov) was the last day for the W&G exhibition, so we only just saw it in time.

It took me 3 evenings to make all these costumes (Weds, Thurs, Fri) though was out for part of Weds & Fri! the spotted leggings with the pumpkin outfit are actually part of a Gotz outfit set, cos I didn't have the right material to make the black leggings from the pattern. And the green skirt and top I had made previously.

Julie Old Crow said...

if this isn't cute I don't know what is! And by cute, I mean scary (that's in case the kidlets are reading and don't want to think they are not scary in their new costumes!)

Julie Old Crow

DollMum said...

Hi Julie Old Crow
They don't know I write about them - I haven't let on yet! However my elder daughter did ask what I do with the photos I take, I think she is catching on that they are going online somewhere.

Florine said...

Absolutely adorable!! I've shared your blog with my sis who also collects dolls...I know she will love these! Flo

Libbie said...

Wow! SO fun! I have to admit...I think the ghost is my fave! Who would think of that! Made me smile, Thanks!