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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

My doll cabinet - top shelf part 3

The final two residents of my doll cabinet are two little fay dolls from Cape Town.  They are very small, being only about an inch tall.  Their heads are made of wooden beads, their hair looks like bright mohair and they are beautifully painted.  They match the little jug and bowl sets in my Triang Dollshouse.

The distinctive fay marking - fay is still trading
and sells miniature items in the
Craft Market at The Waterfront, Cape Town

I hope you have enjoyed exploring my Doll Cabinet shelves and meeting the residents.  Now I shall have to blog about my daughter's dollshouse, as mine is still in storage.  I'm hoping to get it out before Christmas, as we've temporarily taken our house off the market, so have no need to be living in a show home!


Rebecca said...

Now I've had a closer look at the jugs and bowls. They are lovely! And how nice to know who made them and where they come from.

Rebecca said...

Hello again, there is A Reader's Award for you on my blog!

Papillon Bleu said...

I am trying hard to catch up with my reading at the moment but...tada!!! Here I am today!

I can see you've got so many treasures .Are there any more?

DollMum said...

Yes, still more to talk about, I just haven't had the time this past week to write about them, but have pushed other things I'm supposed to have done this evening (lol) to write about stories that have inspired my love of dolls etc.