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Monday, 19 October 2009

My doll cabinet - top shelf part 2

The second set of dolls on the top shelf are a little smaller than the 5 Hong Kong dolls from my previous post about my doll cabinet.

These three little treasures are identical.  They were made in Italy.  The two in homemade costumes were part of the chorus line for the doll theatre, and I made their little outfits out of scraps of slightly stretchy material, their boots and bonnets are felt.  Their elastic bands are perished, so their arms fall off, but they really are very cute all the same, with wonderfully natural moulded bodies for dolls so small.  I have some even smaller baby doll versions with bent legs, but those are in storage at present.  The doll in the centre is partly clothed in some national costume which had been glued onto the doll.

The arms on these three identical dolls are so detailed

On their backs is 'Made in Italy' with a logo showing a stork holding a baby.  I don't know which Italian factory made them, and would like to find out.

The next two dolls are unidentical plastic dolls, both Made in Italy, but by different companies.  The taller one has CS very clearly on its back and the other has a symbol/logo of some kind which looks like it could say FOLO, but I'm really not sure, as it could say FDLO.  I would like to know which Italian doll factories made these dolls.  They were picked up in my 20s from a table top sale somewhere.

The two Italian dolls of different makes

Markings on the shorter doll

Markings on the taller doll


moti said...

Hi!!!!, I have just discovered your blog, and I love it!!!!!!


Eva said...

Hi DollMum,
many many thanks for your nice words about my sculpted tree. You encourage me. I appreciate it very much.


Anonymous said...

Hi DollMum

These three dolls are made by Ceppiratti (or Ratti) back in the 70s, an Italian firm bought later on by Giocchi Preziosi. I have a small collection of them with a plastic doll house classroom of the time.
I had the same problem for the arms and legs with the old elastic bands which had decayed and I used tiny hair elastic bands (bought in France) to repair them all and it worked wonderfully.

I don't have a google account so I'll sign Anonymous for this time sorry about that.

DollMum said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for the info about my 3 identical Italian dolls. I hadn't thought of using tiny hair elastic bands, I think we may have some that came with a gadget to put twisted braids in a child's hair, so I'll give those a try. The worst difficulty with these plastic dolls is when the actual hooks to hold the bands snap off, thank goodness for super glue.
Best wishes

Ysé said...

Hi DollMum

Once hooked on one limb, try using a thin metal crochet hook to pull the hair band through the body to hook it on the other arm or leg. Like this you shouldn't put too much pressure on the doll's hook and it shouldn't snap (none of mine did).
The hair elastic band I used were very small : 12 mm in diameter ; 0,5 mm thick and 1 mm wide.

I'll look for the two others dolls Made in Italy's logos and will let you know if I find something.
I also found myself a name so exit Anonymous...
Best whishes

DollMum said...

Hi Yse,

Yes, I've used fine crochet hooks myself to reload the elastics, but sometimes when I was a child I didn't have one handy, so used a paperclip instead though this wasn't ideal, and as you say it put a strain on the plastic hook.


Ysé said...

I found something on the FDLO/FOLO diamond logo which is in fact - if one looks closer- a M + drawing of a tree + Q.
It's the logo of the brand Querzola (sometimes sold on the famous auction site, Italian version). MQ stands probably for Michel Querzola, they use to make dolls for other firms and they are often found in regional costumes or as caracters.

Nothing yet on the other logo...

DollMum said...

Brilliant thanks Yse.

Dawn said...

I enjoyed the discussion here on the comments. I have one of these dolls.

Polly said...

I have got one of the Italian dolls with a Stork marking. He has his full clothing and is such a pretty doll.
The CS marked one is 'Castelli di Sabbia 1960s+? - doll mark CS Made in Italy'
I use a brilliant site for reference -

Ysé said...

I should have corrected my 2009 error on here ages ago, sorry ! The Made in Italy Stork marking is GALBA. We came up with the right answer in early 2010, my friend Stylb and I after hips of researches and I forgot about this wrong comment of mine...

DollMum said...

Thank you for the update.

Ysé said...

You're welcome ! Also there could very well be a second mistake on the Dollreference site as CS is not Castelli di Sabbia but most probably toys made by Cavicchi Gioccattoli, in Bologna... You can check this info on the following photo archives Italian site : where you see lost of catalogue photos of CS toys attributed to Cavicchi... (I have a photos of a 1983 CS toy with "Castelli di Sabbia" as a line written on the packaging which probably means "perfect toy to play with on the beach in the sand" and sold in Dime stores/Bazaars...

Unknown said...

maybe you can do someting:

greeting Theresia