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Friday, 4 September 2009

My doll cabinet - bottom shelf part 2

This little girl is a costume doll, though I'm not entirely sure which country she represents. Her costume looks sort of Bavarian to me, but I may be wrong. I bought her probably in a table top sale or charity type shop quite some time ago. I think she has a rather fetching green hat with a feather sticking out the top.

Next to her is a much newer doll, though dressed in clothes of 100 years ago. She came from a small gift shop and there must be thousands like her: a fairly cheap, porcelain doll for a dolls house. I think I bought her because I liked the fabric of her dress and her little yellow plaits!

Beside the porcelain girl is a little Spanish girl. Well either Spanish, or a gypsy girl on account of her large earrings. She was also a table top sale acquisition. She has little wooden clogs glued to the bottom of her feet (well they aren't really clogs because they don't slip on to her feet). Her clothes are very creased and really need washing and ironing, but this would be difficult to do as the dress appears to be nylon like fabric and glued on.

A view of her glued on clogs - maybe
to make her taller, as her dress is really too long for her

The last one for today is my adorable baby in her cradle. I bought this little treasure of a doll in a large Antique shop in Bath in 1985, along with a little wardrobe and bedside table that live in the Triang House. All three items came to £6.00, which was a lot to me at the time, but they were worth every penny. The cradle was given to me soon after, and is a perfect fit for her. I've never made it a coverlet, as I rather like to see her than have her all covered up. Her little check outfit is glued on. She is made of plastic with moveable arms and legs, and is the right sort of scale for a 1/12 th scale dolls house. She doesn't have any markings on her body that I can see, I'm not sure how old she is and would love to know.

1 comment: said...

These are all beautiful dolls. I REALLY like the little gypsy and the baby in the crib! Too cute!