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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Harriet's new violin

My elder daughter is a young violinist, and recently did very well in her Grade 4 violin and Grade 1 piano examinations. Months ago she told me that she wanted her Gotz doll Harriet to have a violin, but Gotz do not have such an accessory for their dolls. I scoured the web, and of course found that American Girl dolls have violins and music stands, but the cost to ship from the USA was just too much. Eventually I found an equivalent violin on ebay from a US seller, who was also able to sell me a My Twinn doll music stand. The music stand is able to extend higher than Harriet needs, as My Twinn is about 3 inches taller than Gotz. It also came with some miniature sheet music.

Harriet, her violin, stand and the violin case

I bought these items months ago so they were put away. When my daughter's examination results came through earlier this week, I presented her with the violin and music stand. She was delighted and became absorbed with getting Harriet to hold the violin just right. She discovered that the moving turn-key for the music box in the violin resulted in the violin suddenly falling out of Harriet's arms as it caught on her clothes, but as it is a music box sound rather than a violin sound, it isn't very authentic anyway. I've discovered an Australian Girl Doll photo on Flickr with an audio file uploaded that plays violin sounding music, see which is much better.

Harriet is wearing a summery set from the 2009 Gotz catalogue, and the crocs / ducs came from the USA via ebay.


Ann said...

Harriet is beautifully posed here.
"Well done" to your daughter on those great exam results.

DollMum said...

It took a little adjustment to get her to look like she was looking at her music. It is amazing how you look at a doll and think you've got the pose right, take a photo and discover that the camera sees it differently - thank goodness for digital!

Papillon Bleu said...

Oh! I love the little violin!
Congratulations to your daughter for her music exams!

m said...

Hi! I have been "here" several times to say "Welcome to my blog!", but every time I just get stuck among your pictures and it always ends up with me looking and reading instead. This time I went directly to the comments :-) So, again: Welcome!