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Monday, 20 July 2009


Here are some results of the sewing for the dolls this year:

Samantha in her new hooded dressing gown and slippers
(Pyjamas bought from Nellie Rose on ebay)

Samantha in green, with her sunglasses

Harriet in her new hooded dressing gown I made,
and the tartan pyjamas we bought

My elder daughter keeps reminding me that Peter needs an ice skating outfit, so the sewing machine will be pressed into service again soon.


Ann said...

I've been looking forward to seeing more. Your dolls look lovely! You're very clever. Great colours.
Regards, Ann.

DollMum said...

The green outfit was to match a similar outfit my younger daughter has (the skirt had been made years ago for her big sister, and she has a green t-shirt). I'm not sure I'm so keen on the green though, and it seems to be her least favourite.
Anyway, I've done a flurry of posts to show more outfits, and the first post on the dollshouses.

Ann said...

I like the sunglasses. Very cool as the children say.