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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Bought outfits for the Gotz family

Samantha wearing the Dirndl dress that matches Gotz Bavarian Peter's outfit
I bought this dress from KR Dolls & Bears,
the 2009 Dirndl dress is a different material pattern

Harriet wearing the Gotz travelling set
(without the home made fleece dressing gown)

My elder daughter had been dropping hints about me making some tartan pyjamas to match her own, and was overwhelmed to get this set along with the dressing gown (very cuddly) as part of the Easter egg hunt prize

Samantha wearing doggy pyjamas by Nellie Rose Doll fashions (ebay) and
getting ready to climb into her bunk bed (Pintoy)

Samantha wearing a dress by Nellie Rose Doll fashions (ebay purchase),
and sporting the Gotz basket

This dress is one of my younger daughter's favourites for her doll

1 comment:

Ann said...

Thanks for showing. You're dolls look great.
I like the dirndl costume. I been thinking I'd have a go at sewing something similar.