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Monday, 20 July 2009

Gotz girls (and boy)

It is a while since I have been able to spare the time to post anything (busy 6 weeks) but now at last I'm stealing a little time from other activities to put in a little more about the growing Gotz collection in our home. Because yes, it is growing.

The girls clubbed together soon after Christmas to buy a limited edition Gotz Ice Skating Sarah doll - in her lovely pink lacy dress and white skates, with tiara - we found her on ebay. The girls named her Jayne, in honour of Jayne Torvill, who was on TV at the time in the Dancing on Ice series. Here she is with the other dolls, all of them dressed in their skating outfits that I made.

Before Christmas I had bought a Gotz Bavarian Peter doll via ebay and kept him hidden for months from the girls. I wanted to see how their Christmas dolls would be received before bringing him out. He actually became the model for some of the clothes I made for their dolls before Christmas, as I couldn't resist unpacking him from his box. Finally, at Easter time, I devised an Easter Egg hunt around our garden - the girls had to find pretty cardboard eggs that contained clues - a pictorial puzzle of Jesus on the cross, and put it together. The written clues included some underlined words which spelled out Peter's name and his clothes as well as the words share. Because he was a shared prize, and they had to collaborate in the hunt to earn him. Funnily enough my elder daughter was more delighted with a boy doll than my younger girl, who prefers the new ice skating girl.

I had made Peter a denim jacket the previous evening - it took 4 hours as it was quite complex. Here is a photo of him sporting his new jacket, jeans and boots.

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