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Saturday, 25 July 2009

New skating dress

I've been sewing again - this time for my cousin's daughter's dolls. I don't know which one of them will get to wear this outfit, but here it is being modelled by Samantha before we wrap it up tomorrow as part of a birthday gift of dolls clothes for Mia or Sarah (including skates for both of them).

I didn't glue the sequins and beads, I sewed them on individually instead. The reason for this was that the outfit will be for a child to play with, and gluing would have potentially resulted in some coming off, sewing them on firmly seemed the better solution. Also, I didn't have the glue!


Ann said...

Lovely dress.
I am hoping to acquire some ice skates this week.
Thanks for pointing out the Gotz "Happy Kidz" dolls. I had forgotten about them.

DollMum said...

Well she was delighted with the new outfit (and bought outfit, plus two pairs of skates), I was flattered to see that she seemed to prefer this outfit to the bought one. My daughter didn't want me to take the new outfit off her doll to wrap up - she cried, so it looks like I'll have to sew stars onto Samantha's skating dress, or make her another dress similar to this one.

Ann said...

It is a lovely dress. My daughter is the same once she has seen and held something nice that is meant for someone else!
I collected the ice skates. They are for a Precious Day Julia (we are calling her Hilary) for my daughter's birthday in October. Now I need to make a dress too.

DollMum said...

I designed the pattern based on the Gotz Sarah at the ballet outfit (used it as a template) along with some alterations - for the pink dress I originally made it had a round neck, but the later dresses I've made with a V-neckline.