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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Jenny and Lexie's Halloween party 2018

Jenny and Lexie invited their best friends for a Halloween party - the most important part of the party was the food! My Jenny and Lexie are joined by Heather Maciak's vinyl girls Annie and Emily, as well as my three Heidi Plusczok girls (Patsi - Anniversary, California and Florida).

What should we eat first?

It all looks so yummy - cakes, jam tarts, jelly, toffee apples, ring donuts, chocolate biscuits

I like toffee apples and chocolate (Lexie, Annie and Patsi)

Please pass the jam tarts

I like jam tarts and chocolate biscuits

Halloween feast at the party - Lexie, Annie, Patsi (California), Patsi (Florida), Patsi (Anniversary), Emily and Jenny tuck in to their treats.

Lexie, Patsi (California), Patsi (Florida), Patsi (Anniversary), Jenny

Birds eye view of the Halloween feast!

Lots of chatting about the different cakes and jelly

Lexie, Patsi (Florida), Patsi (Anniversary), Emily and Jenny

Lexie, Annie and Patsi (California)

The miniature food is 1/12th scale and belongs in Mrs Harvey's cake, sweet and toy shop. The Sasha dolls uses the backdrop and Halloween decorations in their band at the Chat 'n Snap this year, however the small dolls wanted to join the fun too, hence their own little party.


Kendal said...

That food looks absolutely scrumptious! Bet that it didn't last long on that table.
What a delightful little Halloween scene.

Dee said...

Lovely to see the smaller dolls enjoying some Halloween party fun.

twizel said...

looks like they all had a great time