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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Chat n Snap 2018 - part 2

I put my daughter in charge of the camera at the Chat 'n Snap, I did take some photos but she had fun prowling around with the camera and experimenting with the settings (the best way to learn).

In addition to Animal's Halloween Band, we brought 5 of our Sasha and Gregor dolls for the general display: Timothy, Laura, Florence with babies Amy and Leo.  We had dressed them in autumnal outfits.  My daughter enjoyed capturing their close up portraits.

Timothy, Laura, Florence and babies Amy and Leo




Teddy was dressing his dolls in their Halloween outfits and did some restringing of dolls for Leni, who was delighted.

Dressing dolls in their Halloween outfits
I photographed a general view of the sales tables (after we had bought 2 outfits and two pairs of trainers).

Sales tables a the Chat 'n Snap 2018
There was an adoption table which also had a large box filled with lots of small balls of crochet cotton in many colours (donated by Catherine F) - my daughter chose plenty of colours for a donation towards the charity which the Chat 'n Snap always supports (Alzheimer's).

21 different colours of crochet cotton
My daughter took some photos of the Raffle table - there were 3 dolls in the raffle this time, with a multitude of other prizes.

The Raffle table
Two of the raffle dolls and some other prizes

Raffle doll donated by Dee

Raffle baby

Raffle doll donated by Petrana

Close up of the doll donated by Petrana

Raffle prizes (including the coat and hat set my daughter chose for her first winning ticket)

Raffle prizes

Raffle prizes

Raffle prizes included this table and chairs set
My raffle prize donation was the promise to sew a shweshwe outfit (sundress, hat, under pants and sandals) - I didn't have time to make anything before the event.  I brought the fabric with me in a bag to show to the winner, who made her choice, therefore I have some sewing to do soon.

The Raffle table, including my promise of a shweshwe outfit in fabric selection of the winner's choice
I took some photos of the dolls on the general display. Some of them had their hair dyed.

General display of Sasha dolls 1

General display of Sasha dolls 2

General display of Sasha dolls 3

General display of Sasha dolls 4

General display of Sasha dolls 5

General display of Sasha dolls 6

General display of Sasha dolls 7

General display of Sasha dolls 8

General display of Sasha dolls 9

General display of Sasha dolls 10

General display of Sasha dolls 11

General display of Sasha dolls 12

General display of Sasha dolls 13

General display of Sasha dolls 14

General display of Sasha dolls 15

General display of Sasha dolls 16
It was time for the raffle - the first doll (donated by Dee), later the baby doll with her set of clothes and the third doll (dressed and donated by Petrana) went to three different very happy people. We were lucky enough to win 4 prizes (a grey coat and black hat set, an original red pinafore dress with an original white school shirt, a pair of boneka shoes and some miniature cookie cutters). 

Returning from the raffle with the coat and hat set

The draw for the final doll (donated by Petrana)

Lucky winner of the final doll

Dee presented prizes for the Halloween ball best costume awards (all the individual dolls were entered, excluding the band).  The first prize was won by Theresa, all the prize winners received pumpkins from the display.

Winning the pumpkin for the best Halloween costume

Thanking everyone for supporting the Chat 'n Snap
All too soon it was time to pack up - Animal and his band went back into a trolley case for the journey home while our other 5 dolls went into their travel bags and we had final chats with friends before going home.

Thank you to Dee and all her helpers for another very enjoyable Chat 'n Snap, the spookiest yet!  Apparently a total of £1,300 was raised (via the raffle, tickets, food and donations) at the Chat 'n Snap for Alzheimer's research, a really good result.


Ginger said...

Wonderful raffle items and so nice to see your family’s dolls that made the trip to the CnS. Competition was high since the Halloween outfits for Sasha were all just fantastic. Thank you for sharing. 😊 xxx

Dorisanne Osborn said...

Lovely photos and interesting comments. I felt close to being there.

twizel said...

I loved the band and am very pleased to have won your raffle donation of the shweshwe outfit. I was also lucky enough to win first prize for the Halloween outfit of the scary snake lady Medusa x

Kendal said...

Super post here!
I can say 'Snap' too as I used to let MY daughter roam freely with MY camera at this event and as you so rightly point out, practise does make perfect. Loved all her and your photos here.
The Band was most impressive and there were some incredible Halloween costumes on display.
Great idea about the giving the Pumpkins as prizes.

Enjoyed seeing little Autumn amongst the visiting dolls.
Very tempting sales tables and most successful charity raffle.