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Saturday, 20 October 2018

Chat n Snap 2018 - part 1

This year the theme for the big display at the Chat 'n Snap was a Halloween Ball.  When this was first announced, soon after the Sasha Celebration Weekend in May, I asked if the ball needed a band, so Animal had another booking!

I had no time to make outfits for the additional members of the band, however fortunately a few years ago I had made some Halloween outfits for our bigger Gotz dolls and these were mostly fine on the Sasha dolls (cuffs turned up was the only adjustment I needed to make) as fancy dress costumes can be exaggerated sizing.  So 4 of our dolls joined the original band members Edmund (aka Animal) and Reuben (aka Louis Armstrong, but now Phantom) on stage for this gig.  Nicholas James became the bass guitar Wizard, Miranda the Acoustic guitar playing singer (with her microphone stand I'd made for the Gotz rockstars back in 2010), Davy the baby who joined our family at the 2017 Chat 'n Snap was a rattle playing ghost and Louisa the toddler played the maracas in the pumpkin outfit, which looked better on her than on the larger doll.

The backdrop for the band was green sequin fabric with some skeleton fabric (sent by Laura H) while the floor of the band stage was red sequin fabric.  I used our South African Vuvuzela as a stand for the band sign 'Animal's Halloween Band' and Lee M brought along the miniature pumpkin lights which we strung along the top of the backdrop.  I had also brought 3 small real pumpkins (we'll eat them), some toadstool with hedgehog tealights (not lit) and an orange lantern to enhance the display.  Animal was wearing silvery cobwebs in his wild hair.  Reuben wore a Phantom mask which my younger daughter made for him from a piece of felt, it was soaked in glued and shaped over a doll's face (the head was covered in clingfilm) to get the right shape, then the eyes cut out once the glue was dry and the mask stiff.

Animal's Halloween Band

A mummy and Animal's Halloween Band

Wizard and Animal in the band (Nicholas James and Edmund)

Phantom in the band (Reuben)

Ghost baby and his rattle (Davy)

Pumpkin playing maracas (Louisa)

Witch singing and playing acoustic guitar (Miranda)

Animal covered in cobwebs


Pumpkin toddler

Animal's Halloween band at the spooky ball
A variety of Halloween characters joined the band at the ball - there were some incredibly creative and imaginative outfits on display.

Halloween Ball 1

Halloween Ball 2

Halloween Ball 3

Halloween Ball 3

Halloween Ball 4

Halloween Ball 5

Halloween Ball 6

Halloween Ball 7

Halloween Ball 8

Halloween Ball 9 (the only non Sasha dolls at the ball)

Halloween Ball 10

Halloween Ball 11

Halloween Ball 12

Halloween Ball 13

Part 2 will cover more about the Chat n Snap day.


Kendal said...

Absolutely fabulous photos! Many thanks.

Anonymous said...


Madeleine said...

So creative Love it

Jenny O'D said...

Wonderful photos! thank you so much for sharing so many , I couldn't make it to the CnS so I'm loving this x

Jenny O'D said...

Thank you so much for sharing these fabulous pictures and write up! I wasnt able to attend so its transported me right there thank you x

Ginger said...

Thank you DollMum for sharing these terrific photos. What a wonderful time! 😊xxx

Kendal said...

I was most impressed to see ALL that extra work that went into making the original Animal Band into this stunning Halloween Band and felt that you should have received a Pumpkin prize too!
Really interesting as well to hear just how this fabulous overall effect was finally achieved.
Your younger daughter is always so supportive and helpful with these craft projects and how lovely that you are able to enjoy this quality Sasha time together. I was always most appreciative when Chon was there at my side too.
Thanks for another fab post.