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Thursday, 17 August 2017

USA 2017 - Sasha festival part 9

The Sasha Festival was over, we had returned from the Udvar-Hazy centre, the girls had a swim and we had dinner together with Charla and her granddaughter.  After returning to our room I decided to sort through all our wonderful new items we had acquired during the festival - souvenirs, gifts, crafts, won and purchased.  It was during this sorting out period that I discovered my girl had left her Friday table souvenirs behind in the ballroom and they had gone into lost property, so I contacted Charla and Karen and discovered that Karen had them, but had returned home, an hour's drive away.  We made arrangements to collect them from her once we had a hire car after our Washington DC adventures which were about to commence.

My wonderful collection of 2017 Sasha Festival souvenirs including the superb outfit by Karen W with Marti shoes

The felt and magazine/booklet craft patterns along with the puppets we made up when designing the patterns

Table hostess gifts, mostly my set - top left is the cape and hairbrush set from Friday (my daughter's gift), top right is the Saturday night gifts from Karen K, the two fleecy baby blankets (I gave the red/blue/white tie dye patterned blanket to my friend Jocelyn when I returned to the UK)

My prizes from the Helper Raffle - two Morrisey sewing patterns and a vintage rag doll, quilting book and partly made doll quilt

My daughter's (incomplete) collection of 2017 Sasha Festival souvenirs with Laura modelling the wonderful outfit by Karen W - this was when we discovered the white bathrobe etc was missing

My daughter's partly made glove puppet and her other craft items

My daughter's prizes from the Helper Raffle - the dress on the right was a gift from someone who won it on Sunday and passed it to my girl.  L-R: Our generation workshop tools, mini laptop for dolls (a mirror), globe, blanket, Dollydoodles outfit and the peach/orange dress set with a bee embroidered on it

The gifts my daughter received during and after the gift exchange - the white dress and Holly Hobbie doll and the USA outfit which will feature prominently in the next set of blog posts as those who are on the Sasha Morgenthaler Facebook group will know

The various gifts people just gave to my daughter during the weekend - on the left is the outfit by Phyllis G (she made outfits for all the children at the festival), in the middle are various lovely little Sasha scaled items and on the right is the Smocking magazine and pleated fabric from Julie R for my girl to start smocking

The items my girl bought from Fran's sales table on Saturday - knitting needles and wool along with art materials for Sasha

My daughter's table hostess gifts from Saturday and Sunday - on the left are the novelty items from Karen K and on the right is the picnic basket, bottle of chocolate milk and Jemima Puddleduck cushion from Pat P

Not pictured is the collection of lovely recycled cashmere wool balls I bought at the Sales and the outfit which Timothy bought from Sheila F at the sales (his much loved Minion shirt and denim shorts with real pockets) and wore to the Air and Space museum on Sunday afternoon just after the festival. 

Also not pictured are the toddler outfits I bought - the dress and sandals for my new girl and the shorts and sandals for Edmund.

The other posts about the Sasha Festival are part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5part 6part 7 and part 8.  The next posts will be all about Laura's adventures as she explored the USA.


jamamy said...

Oh wow, look at all those goodies! I hope you found space in your suitcases and didn't have to buy extra luggage. How lovely that so many people were generous to your lovely daughter, I just love that about Sasha people.

Serenata said...

Always fun to see what people bring home from the Festival. Lots of great goodies there and reminders of fabulous memories.

Jane said...

Yes, what a lovely collection of goodies!! Just reading through your Sasha Festival posts I can see what a beautiful community Sasha people are!! :) xx

Dee said...

Nice haul of goodies you got there. It's always a good place to pick up just the right sized items.

Ginger said...

A great bunch of lovely Sasha items and with them are the happy memories of your time at the Festival. So nice to see. Thank you. 😊 xxx

Unknown said...

Thanks again for the red and blue mat - baby Zoë looks so cute sitting on it! (In fact, she says she'll keep it.)

Kendal said...

What a superb array of gifts, prizes and presents etc. that you both had accumulated over the four days.
Over the years I have had several outfits by Phyllis G. that a Sasha friend used to bring me back from the US Festivals.