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Monday, 14 August 2017

USA 2017 - Sasha festival part 6

After the Saturday afternoon craft workshop hat finished, the timetable allowed 2 hours free time before Dinner and Programme.  The children went swimming again with Fran watching however this time I sat in the restaurant area with my knitting, my Heather Maciak dolls and Julie R who was wishing she had brought some smocking with her to do!  We had a lovely chat about miniature knitting and smocking and families.  This was the only time that Jenny, Lexie, Annie and Emily came out of my carry-on luggage during the entire trip - I had intended to photograph them in various locations but didn't even take a photo of them while Julie and I were talking!

Soon it was time to get ready for dinner.  When we entered the big ballroom we had to collect a Lindt chocolate bar from a choice of different flavours and were told not to eat them yet!  All very mysterious.  When we found a table to sit at, our table hostess (Karen K) had to make a list of how many chocolate bars of each flavour were at the table.  Even more mysterious.  My girl found she had to sit with her parents (how boring) as the seat the 2 other girls had tried to save for her at another table had been taken by someone else.

My Lindt dark chocolate on the table

Florence and my new Iona had brought the pram, while Laura wore a dress she had won on the Sasha Celebration weekend raffle in May
At our table was a rather famous Pirate of the Caribbean!  I sent our elder daughter (in the UK, dog and house sitting for us) a message to say "We've got Jack Sparrow at our dinner table" and received the response "Whaaaa", so I send her a photo to prove it!

Karen K's Jack Sparrow in best swashbuckling mode
After the second course of the meal the mystery was revealed.  Each table hostess was given a pile of boxes tied with different coloured pieces of wool.  Mine was tied with dark brown wool, my girl's box was tied with cream coloured wool (she had chosen white chocolate while I had chosen dark chocolate).  Inside the gift boxes for everyone were the most beautiful outfits for Sasha all made by Karen W, with shoes by Marti M or Norvell. 

My girl received the white dress with dress tartan apron, red socks and brown shoes (by Marti).  I received the floral dress and underwear with the sage green jacket, white socks and brown shoes (by Marti).  Also in the box was a specially printed cover for the Lindt chocolate bar featuring the outfit but also showing small photos of the complete set of 2017 Festival outfits.  The photography was by Ellen C.  We shall keep the covers flat off our chocolate bars (which were gradually consumed in the next few days) as they are so beautiful.  What a lovely keepsake in memory of Sasha Morgenthaler's link with the Lindt chocolate company when 1960s chocolate bars featured Sasha dolls.  The festival outfits were an astonishing feat of sewing - Karen had made 104 outfits, 26 of each design, which is one reason why the festival registrations had been limited to 100 people (4 outfits were kept for the display at the Dinner).  It had taken her a long time to make them all (nearly 4 years from the start of planning) and we were all very impressed (her outfits are outstanding quality).
Laura was soon changing into her new Festival outfit
I decided to keep my outfit for after the festival, so Florence remained in the clothes she was already wearing for the dinner.

After dinner Norvell introduced the programme item for the evening - a talk by Diane Duke about her knitting for Sasha dolls and how it has evolved.  Diane has a great love of Kaffe Fassett designs and has permission to adapt his designs for Sasha doll knitting.  She took us on a colourful journey of the designs she has adapted. 

Norvell introduces Diane's talk

Diane waits to start her talk as Norvell introduces her to everyone

Another view of the audience and dolls as the start of Diane's talk

Diane Duke starts 'Sasha in Colour'

While preparing for the talk Diane took a baby Sasha to her favourite wool shop... I think this baby was better behaved that her very mischievous baby Curly with his gavel might have been!

One of Diane's earlier knitting projects involved outfits for a Sasha rock group!

Three different sweater designs
After her talk we all went to admire and photograph the table full of about 70 dolls wearing Diane's knitting, brought to the display by many of the people attending the festival.  She also had some examples of her latest designs on another table.

Diane's knitting - different variations on a theme

Several babies wearing Diane's knitting in the display

A variety of styles

Babies, Wobbler and Sasha girls all wearing Diane Duke's knitwear

A bevvy of boys and some girls wearing variations on a similar design

Finn (right) and friend wearing Diane Duke's sweaters

Some great matching hats

Close up

Autumnal colours

A starry night on the right

Two hiding at the back of the group are having a quiet conversation

A proud Iona leads the way in Diane's knitting

Baby and Wobbler comparing hats and sweaters

An overhead view

Babies, toddlers and studio babies in Diane's knitwear

A longer view of Sasha in Colour

Cosy for the winter

A mixed group

The prototypes for new designs

Experimenting with different designs

Close up of fishy designs

The children had disappeared - where did we find my girl and her friend (from 2012 and 2017 festivals) - playing chess again!

Late night chess
It had been another wonderful, interesting day at the Sasha Festival.

My previous posts about the 2017 Sasha Festival can be found at part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5.


Ginger said...

It was a such a nice evening with the nice dinner meal, receiving the beautiful Festival outfit, and then listening to Diane's' interesting presentation. I was amazed at the very large display of her knitted treasures and really enjoyed seeing them again in your post. Thank you for capturing the happy night with your camera. Finn sends his love to you and yours. 😊 xxx

jamamy said...

I loved the idea of hostess gift at your table especially, a really excellent idea. It was lovely to see some of Diane's talk on her knits in more detail too, thank you for another lovely post.

Serenata said...

Another great evening by the looks of things, and as for the those outfits, a very big WOW. Having also seen these outfits in person they are amazing. An incredible feat by Karen that is for sure. It is a shame your daughter didn't get to sit with her friend at dinner time. The kids all look very colourful in the display.

Jane said...

I am awestruck by those beautiful knits! The love and skill that must go into making every one of them! Fantastic! :) x

twizel said...

So glad you managed to get photos of Diane's talk and weren't the Hostess gifts wonderful?