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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Sasha Celebration Weekend 2017 - part 7

We brought several babies (with Miranda to supervise them) to the Sasha Celebration dinner on Saturday night.  Also joining us was the Makie doll Isabel, who still doesn't have a new outfit (something is on the knitting needs for her).  In addition to Edmund in his new outfit, my girl brought her new baby Theo in the turquoise Dollydoodles romper suit along with my Leo who changed into his new Dollydoodles outfit and baby Daisy her raffle win from last year, wearing a Marilyn H smocked dress and hat set. Miranda changed into the Petrana outfit which my girl had chosen on the raffle and we discovered Laura's doll was wearing the same dress!

Our dolls at dinner
Leo, Theo and Daisy with Edmund behind them
Laura's girl, Miranda and Edmund
Jocelyn's lovely red head in her favourite outfit, and baby Daisy
Laura had brought along her mini Kids 'n Kats boy doll Fredy and her Heather Maciak Emily.  She had bought new cardigans for them from Jane W's stall that afternoon which they wore to dinner.
Laura's dolls
Isabel gets comfortable in a teacup!
The shweshwe outfit I had made and donated to the raffle was won by Jane W, whose baby was wearing it to dinner.
Jane's baby in shweshwe
After dinner Janet gave out gifts to those who had hosted overseas Sasha visitors, those of us who had run workshops, helped her run the event and announced the prizes for the International costumes. First prize was the Persian/Iranian costume by Peggy, second prize was the Zulu warrier by Vicky and third prize was the Pearly King by Theresa.  Trisha gave Janet some plants as a thank you gift from all of us.
Janet gave out various prizes and gifts
My Heather Maciak girls had come to dinner too and were very pleased to meet Fredy and Emily.
Laura's Emily, Jenny, Laura's Fredy, Annie, Lexie and Annie
Raffle baby (the first prize), Leo, Daisy and Theo
Two lucky girls with their raffle babies - my girl was holding Theo and Daisy (from last year's raffle) and her new friend was holding one of the two babies she won on this year's raffle (photo Laura H)
After dinner some of us gathered in a sitting area looking at various BJDs brought along by Teddy and other Sasha collectors.  The girls were fascinated by them.
Teddy introduces his BJD to the girls and Paula
Admiring some other dolls
Evening doll conversations
Admiring Teddy's BJDs
It was hard to leave the chat, however we both needed our beds after a long, very enjoyable day.

The next morning I took my Ponfa pram to breakfast along with Nicholas James and Trendon Elliott who had not been out of the room all weekend. I knew some people there hadn't seen my pram before.  It seems to have been the only pram at the celebration weekend this year and several people asked about it.  

Then we all gathered outside for a photo under a big tree before some people reluctantly dashed off to catch trains, planes or taxis home.  There was a photo studio set up with a variety of backdrops so our dolls who had been on display had their photos taken by Alan.  It was also the last chance to photograph the wonderful Maypole.

Two happy young Sasha collectors with the Maypole
Three raffle babies with the Maypole
Peggy and Janet with the winning costume doll - Peggy had made the whole costume and Janet had painted the doll's eyes
Reuben, Nina and Melanie in their African costumes in the photo studio
Then it was time to pack up and sadly say goodbye to all our Sasha collector friends.  Thank you Janet and Trisha for a brilliant weekend - once again they put on a very memorable celebration of Sasha dolls and I am so pleased we were able to participate and contribute to the fun.

However there is one more post to come for the celebration weekend, as I shall explain all about the outfits I made for the competition.


Theodora said...

You took some very interesting photos, Anna! Loved seeing the Sashas on the dinner tables! xxx

Angelo's Papa said...

More great photos of great dolls! This has been quite a feast for the eyes!