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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sasha Celebration Weekend 2017 - part 6

Before the sales were opened (while they were being set up) I took the opportunity to take some day time photos of the International and Favourite Sasha displays.

There were so many wonderful costumes in the International/National/Regional display, though not many of them had labels explaining which country they were from (some were easy to guess, others less so).

Brazil and London
Theresa's Mr G as a Pearly King from London
The Scottish War watcher
Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland
I think Cambodia on the left but not sure about the others
The label about Peggy's Persian lady
Peggy's wonderful Persian/Iranian costume, representing a very courageous Persian lady
A very pretty costume and doll
My three - Melanie, Reuben and Nina representing Lesotho and South Africa
Vicky's amazing Zulu, not sure what country the girl beside him was representing, my Lesotho and South Africa display, Greece and the girl with plaits
The Zulu and the girl with a striking necklace
A contrasting group of far Eastern, Western, Pacific costumes
A gorgeous dress on a beautiful doll
Chinese costume?
A wonderful Swiss group
Karin's Maypole and dancers
A view of the International display and the Maypole
General view of the International display
In the other room were the favourite Sasha dolls.  Some had moved about a bit, more had been added and there were some stands available for a few more (or maybe they were enjoying refreshments in the nearby sitting area while they waited for the sales to start).
Florence and Laura in the midst of a very attractive group of Sasha dolls
Some wonderful Studio dolls
A general view of the favourite Sasha dolls
Four amazing Studio dolls
A beautiful pair of Studio dolls
Studio girl sitting in her box
Janet's lovely Studio girl
A lovely blond girl
Another beauty
One girl had a new push along duck and a satchel
A group of very different contrasting characters
I believe the girl in red is a Sara Doggart special, surrounded by some other lovely dolls
I can see Finn in the middle of this group
I didn't take photos of the sales tables, where we bought a few items (the new baby received a new outfit bought for him by his new mum from her saved up pocket money). We also continued to chat with several people while admiring the dolls. When the sales tables were packed up we went back to our room to get ready for dinner.


Unknown said...

The 'girl with a necklace' is Marti's Navajo girl. Lovely photos, DollMum - thanks!

Angelo's Papa said...

Thank you for sharing these photos. I so enjoyed looking at allies the dolls and their outfits. Almost as good as being there.

twizel said...

Lovely photos thanks for sharing

NeverUschi said...

Even though it must be even better to be there, I enjoyed looking at the photos very much. Thank you for taking so many and for sharing them!

Theodora said...

These photos are fabulous! You have done a very good job as photographer! xxx