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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Sasha Celebration Weekend 2017 - part 2

Waiting for breakfast, our doll shelf in our hotel room.  It looks like there is a Makie doll among the Sasha family, a baby in the pram and Clemence the bear has come along for the ride too.

Our doll shelf - Clemence on the pram, Nicholas James, Edmund, Timothy, Trendon Elliott, Miranda, baby Mabel, baby Daisy, Isabel the Makie, baby Leo, baby Amy


Gregor Daddies said...

That's quite a crew you brought! Hopefully the older kids will help you with the young ones.

Sharon said...

WOW there are a lot of you in that one hotel room ;)
I hope they're all behaving themselves whilst you're in the dining room having your meals!

Kendal said...

Always love FAMILY holidays and outings. Nothing quite like it!
Pleased to also note that a delightful minty raffle Frido baby Woolly has now been added to the group.

DollMum said...

This wasn't the complete crew, only those not in the 2 displays.