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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Miniature knitting for Jenny and Lexie

It didn't take long to sew on the buttons and sewing in the ends wasn't so bad for Jenny's new blue sweater, it was better than sewing pieces of a knitted garment together (this one is seamless).

Jenny's miniature fair-isle sweater
The back view of Jenny's sweater
On Saturday morning I pressed Jenny's new sweater and put it on her.

It rained quite a lot but there was a break in the weather during the afternoon so I ventured outside to take a photo of Lexie and Jenny wearing their sweaters, with the rosehips in the garden.
Lexie and Jenny show off their knitwear in the autumnal garden
I also spent time sorting out the pattern instructions for this piece of miniature knitting, I had already written it up but needed to check everything carefully and get it into a form which can be printed out for reference when knitting.  The fair-isle part of the pattern is shown as a colourful grid (using an excel spreadsheet).
"Look Jenny, this is the pattern for our sweaters"
Lexie and Jenny pose with their sweaters and the pattern instructions
I'm sharing this pattern openly using a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike Non-commercial licence - in other words you are welcome to knit this for your 8 inch dolls but may not sell the pattern or sell your knitting from the pattern unless you contact me for permission.  I reserve the right to make the sweater to sell (when I have the time to make it - I'm currently knitting the plain version in pale blue).

If you would like the knitting pattern please email me on dollmum @ or download now from Ravelry (see Sweater Jenny and Lexie dolls for the listing on Ravelry).


miniaturista said...

Que guapísimas están las niñas con esos jerseis, te han quedado preciosos.
Un abrazo

Dee said...

They look very sweet in their new sweaters, nice and warm for the coming winter. It's also very good of you to share your pattern with others.

Kendal said...

Just how sweet and delightful these two little girls look in their OOAK sweaters!
Well done to you!