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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Chat n Snap 2016 - part 3

In addition to the Guiding and Scouting Jamboree and the tables of visiting dolls, another big feature of the Chat 'n Snap is the sales stands with an amazing array of Sasha goodies available to buy. 
Early in the sales my girl bought some purple baby shoes from Gayle to go with a smocked outfit we had just bought from Marilyn
Ginny had some amazing mix and match choices, we bought two long sleeved t-shirts
A general view of the sales stands looking towards the Jamboree display, this was later in the afternoon when sales were quieter so Iris had time for the crossword!
Judith's Dollydoodles stand, we bought a baby outfit for Daisy and a lilac body-warmer for one of the girls
Gayle's and Dawn's sales tables
Joanne was doing crochet while my girl was finishing her lunch and starting to contemplate working on her cross stitch again
The Raffles!  The Chat 'n Snap would not be the same without raffles and there were two - the main one was the blond Trendon with Shelly painted eyes and a whole basket of clothes and accessories.
Greg in his school uniform with his basket of goodies waits for his new owner
Greg's basket of goodies
Greg and his guitar
The other raffle included two dolls, an Our Generation sewing machine with accessories and a host of other individual prizes.
The second raffle
More of the second raffle prizes
The sewing machine and accessories in the second raffle
Dawn assisted Dee with the raffle.  Some of the second raffle prizes were drawn first then half way through the first raffle prize was drawn, followed by the remainder of the second raffle prizes.

The raffle begins
Janet was pleased to win the blond girl
Ginny's daughter picked up a lovely dress on a clothes stand
Alice was thrilled to win the sewing machine, I think at least half of us wanted to win it.
My girl won a very pretty dress
Joanne was pleased to win a prize
A very happy winner of Greg and his basket of clothes and accessories - Jane was thrilled
It looks like Greg was pleased with his new mum too
 A short while later Iris won the brunette boy
All too soon it was time to pack up and say goodbye to everyone.  Jocelyn travelled with us so we had lots of chatting in the car on the way home about the Chat 'n Snap.  Thank you to Dee for organising it and all her band of helpers who served refreshments, it was a very enjoyable day.


Theodora said...

Wow! another series of great photos and descriptions. Those raffle prizes were something else! I would have loved that gorgeous blonde Sasha - and all the rest. Wonderful blog. Thanks Anna! You did a fabulous job. xxx

Linda said...

I really enjoyed looking at all your photos - you didn't miss a thing. Thanks for sharing them all xxx

Ginger said...

Thank you Doll Mum for the great photos of the sales tables and the raffles. It is such fun to see the wonderful Sasha collectors enjoying themselves. Next to actually being there in person,the photos are the best! :) xxx

Dee said...

Great detail on the raffle's , I cannot believe that it look so long for that Our Generation girl sewing machine set to be picked!
It was lovely that both Jane and her mum Iris won dolls in the raffle.

Now next years theme is I think going to be well received, it's going to be...... ;)

miniaturista said...

Benditas concentraciones, cuanto se aprende y que bien se pasa.
Un abrazo

Kendal said...

Even though I had to miss attending this wonderful event this year your descriptions and photos helped me visualise this special day.
Fabulous raffle prizes as usual, far too tempting sales tables and great doll displays. You and your daughter managed to buy some super items for your dolls. Bet that they were well pleased!
Enjoyed catching sight here too of several friends. Many thanks.