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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Chat n Snap 2016 - part 1

The Guide, Scout, Brownie, Cub, Rainbow and Beaver Jamboree at this year's  Chat 'n Snap  was a great success.  The following are all the photos I took of this great Sasha and Gregor gathering of the movement founded by Baden Powell in 1907 (Scouting) and 1910 (Guiding).

Dee's Hattie and my girl's Laura wearing the uniform I made, with Clemence the bear wearing his Scout necktie
A Rainbow, Brownies and Guides including Hattie and Laura
Some Brownies and a Guide doing 'Guess the Name of Teddy bear'
It looks like one Girl Guide has fainted trying to guess the name of the bear
Brownies and Brown Owl
Some Scouts, Rainbows and Brownies
Cub Scouts and a Girl Guide
A Girl Guide and a Boy Scout
Some larger Brownies (Sasha Course dolls) with the Cub Scouts
Laura with my Guide blanket, badges and hat
This Cub Scout had a rucksack of goodies
He also had some lovely detailed badges
Another view of the Cub Scout and his badges
Another Cub Scout with some detailed badges
Janet's lovely Brownie with felt badges
Three Brownies sitting in a row
A Brownie with embroidered badges
My girl and I wore our Guide and Trefoil Guild uniforms to the Jamboree.  Fiona's husband very kindly took these photos of us with Laura wearing the South African Girl Guide uniform I made and Clemence wearing the Scout necktie I sewed on Friday night when my girl decided he was attending.
DollMum and Daughter with Laura and Clemence bear in front of the Jamboree
DollMum and Daughter with Laura and Clemence
The next posts in this series will concentrate on the other doll displays, the sales tables, the raffles and the all important chatting!


treefrogdemon said...

Lovely to see such detailed photos of the whole display - thanks! The kittens say hi - well, actually they say 'squeak'. - Jocelyn

Theodora said...

What an excellent display and such great photos. I also love all the detail. The various scene settings. The different neckties and all those great badges. I shall have to find out how or where to get hold of some of those!!! My poor brownies, guide and cub have missed out on the jamboree, but they would have looked positively naked without a single badge! Loved seeing this. Your lovely daughter is clearly a great help to you. Sending hugs xxx

Kendal said...

Many thanks for taking and showing these great photos of the CnS's main Scouting/Guiding display. Was especially pleased to see Janet's Edith (my Gertie/Clarise's cousin sitting at the picnic bench as she was hidden in the other Facebook photos.
How wonderfully 'sporting' of you and your daughter to dress up for this special occassion and totally loved the photo of you both in front of the display. (If I had been able to come I was going to ask Chon if she would try to find her old Brownie uniform as she took so many of the set tasks that I had to ask permission to start to sew the rest of her badges onto the other dress arm when the one that they were allowed on was full.
I liked your idea of sewing your badges onto your blanket. As a teacher I was occassionally asked to oversee, judge and award the 'Sporting' challenges.
How smart Little Laura and Teddy Clemence looked in their replica outfits cleverly made by you.
I was intriqued at what was happening at that little wooden table on the right with the Girl Guide holding her clipboard...(so now know!) Reminded me of our school Christmas/Summer fairs of guessing the name/date of birth of the doll.
Thanks again for this most interesting post. Really missed being there.

twizel said...

Lovely photos and your South African guides outfit looked lovely too, thanks for posting Theresa x

Ginger said...

Wonderful photos of the scouting uniforms and I especially enjoyed seeing the badges and you and your girl's uniforms. A great post! Thank you DollMum! :) xxx

NeverUschi said...

Thank you for posting so many great photos of the lovely display. I love seeing all these scouts and guides together in their uniforms. Laura looks splendid with her sophisticated hairdo and surely is very proud of her badges!

Serenata said...

What a wonderful group of guides and scouts. Love all their little badges as well. I have memories of sewing many badges on my son's blanket as well as those that went on his various uniforms over the years. Great display.