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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hello Kit

On a cosy winter day Lady Crazie found the perfect perch on Laura's shoulder as she read to her new little friend Kit.  They found a book in the bookcase about spinning tops (which came with its very own top) and were learning about some of the tricks and techniques of spinning tops.

Laura, Lady Crazie and Kit read about tops
Laura turned the page
Lady Crazie, Laura and Kit look at a picture of lots of different tops
Lady Crazie and Laura
Lady Crazie, Laura and Kit
The bookcase, with another spinning top,
a mini cooper and the little music box from Waldkirch
If you are wondering about Kit and when she arrived, well a certain little girl had her birthday in February and Kit with her mini book was one of the gifts she received.  Kit was one of 3 mini American Girl dolls I bought during my wonderful trip to the AG doll shop with Norvell in Washington DC last November.  Some of the things I bought were Christmas gifts (and I haven't blogged about them all yet) and some were birthday gifts for my younger daughter.


Kendal said...

What a delightful family orientated post today and belated birthday wishes to your youngest daughter.
The mini Kit AG doll is the perfect size for Sasha Laura to play with. Love Mrs Crazie's newly found perch and the book on spinning top techniques looks to be most interesting.
Great little bookcase too.
My Brood needs items like these!

Dee said...

Lovely to see Lady Crazie with Laura and her new doll Kit.
I am sure lots of lovely things came home with you from your trip round the AG store with Norvell, I know I'd not be able to come out of there empty handed!!

Ginger said...

So sweet to see Laura with her dear little Kit doll and Lady Crazy taking it all in by sitting right up front and center! I love parakeets and have had a few over the years but none right now. It is so nice to see them all together and reading!!!! It is such a nice thing to have a book in your hands! Very lovely post and happy belated birthday wishes to your daughter! :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, there she is again.
Yay, Lady Crazie!

It looks like a very relaxed atmosphere: child, pet, playthings and books.
Love it!

miniaturista said...

Que graciosa, con su periquito en el hombro y leyendo un libro a la niña.
Un abrazo

Sharon said...

What sweet photos Doll Mum, it's lovely to see Laura and Kit reading about the spinning tops :)
And a belated happy birthday to R. I hope she had a great day and enjoyed her presents!
Hugs Sharon x